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    The Body Shop’s Nourishing Coconut Body Butter – Product Review

    The Body Shop’s Nourishing Coconut Body Butter – Product Review

    Do you have dry, cracked hands? Dull, and rough legs?

    Well, look no further!

    This is the most delicious Body Butter you will ever try!

    The Body Shop’s Coconut scented Nourishing Body Butter will leave you skin feeling silky smooth and hydrated. This absolutely creamy texture just melts in your hands and absorbs into your skin without the sticky, soapy residue that some lotions leave behind.

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    Not only does the lotion glide onto your skin, but the smell is incredible! The delicious coconut scent will leave you smelling sweet and nutty, and induce a never-ending feeling of peace and simplicity in your mind.

    If you want to go even further, use this lotion in massages! This butter smoothes out hand callouses and is incredibly relaxing to use.

    And the best thing about it? It’s super affordable! No need to spend hundred of dollars on a disappointing body lotion, when you can pick this one up at your local mall for just $30!


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