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Guide To Better Living is a unique multiplatform promotion channel featuring both an online magazine and supporting social media channels and a 26-28 minute lifestyle TV show, providing an opportunity for Kiwis to share their knowledge and expertise with the world, while building their credibility by being ‘as seen on TV’.

Designed to publish and promote businesses, public figures, brands, services or products in a fun, authentic, advertorial style, the show broadcasts during prime time on Thursday nights on Sky Channel 83 Face TV, with 4 repeat screenings over the following 24 – 36 hours PLUS the entire season is repeated as an encore screening (and repeats), meaning each show is viewed a minimum of 10 times on Sky.

The Guide To Better Living online magazine also has a steady flow of regular readers and is designed to integrate with social media advertising packages, getting reach and growing brand awareness for contributors or featured guests and businesses, while helping businesses increase their organic SEO with embedded backlinks to their associated websites. We also have a monthly newsletter that is sent directly to subscribers’ inboxes, with links back to trending content or featured partner articles.

Our team

Pete Ward Monique Bradley

Our editor, Monique Bradley, was first published at the age of 11 and has worked professionally for more than 25 years as a content creator, writer, presentation and performance coach and in the film and television industry. 

Combining her talents with digital learning pioneer Pete Ward, they have reached more than 200 million people worldwide through written content, video publishing and live streaming, working with businesses of all sizes to get their stories and their value out in front of their ideal clients.

Our team also includes social media managers, videographers and animators, all gifted with strong visual and literary skills.

Our readers and viewers

70% of our readers and viewers are women – THE lifestyle decision makers. 71% of our readers are also in the key 35 to 65 age group.

Our readers are intelligent and articulate, looking for help, clarity, answers, real life experience and content that challenges the way they think or opens up conversation. They want to know they are making the best choices that they can and are looking – not for celebrities – but for real people with real knowledge.

Through our partnership with Sky Channel 83 Face TV we have access to a regular viewership of 115,000 New Zealanders, while simulcast live streaming on social media platforms, regularly reaching a minimum of 30,000 people per month on Facebook and hitting 1 million views on Youtube.  

Campaign options

Our campaign options range from TV show ‘guest expert’ features, to short form ad embeds, product demonstration and advertorial videos, sponsored editorials which are ideal for featuring venues or products, to website display advertising, EDMs, competitions and database building, social media pushes and much, much more. Drop us a line so we can organise a discovery call to look at the options that suit you and your budgets.  

Small business-friendly

While we’ve worked with big brands such as Dilmah Tea, Kenwood and DeLonghi, we understand small-businesses, as we are a small business too. We offer packages ranging from sponsored reviews, e-newsletter promotions and social media campaigns all the way to targeted display advertising at very competitive rates and when it comes to video content for your website and social media channels, nothing beats walking into our beautiful space, being coached on how to represent yourself in the best light possible and walking out with content done for you! No need to book a studio or videographer, or even work out what to say!  Our expert presenters and producers will gently guide you through the whole process to ensure you love the entire experience and will even share ideas on how to best promote your content after its release. 

From conception to delivery, we take care of it all. We also focus on establishing long term relationships with clients, many of whom are repeat customers, and once your business is featured in our show and on our site, you will benefit from a permanent site listing which will continue to drive customers to your business long after we publish your content.

So reach out! You’ve got a great business, awesome products or services that make other people’s lives better. Let’s work together and transform you from being the best kept secret into being the expert that everyone’s talking about!

e: [email protected]