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    Kombucha that’s good for body and soul

    Naturopath and Kombucha City founder Gail Matthew shares her latest passion project designed to provide you with a healthy drink and help war-ravaged Ukraine.

    If you have been reading my column each month, you will already have a good understanding of the health benefits of kombucha.

    Because it’s fermented, kombucha is considered a good source of probiotics, which help promote digestive health, increased energy and a healthy metabolism.

    It can also improve your mood, keep you cool this summer and boost your immune system.

    But do you know when kombucha is even better? When drinking a bottle is contributing to a great cause.

    Our Passion for Ukraine project

    Meet Kc Kombucha’s new flavour, KcU Passion for Ukraine.

    Not only does it boast a vibrant purple hue and an exquisite tropical zing that tantalises the tastebuds, but sales of this product will also help people living in war-torn Ukraine.

    Like most Kiwis, our family has been incredibly saddened by the events in Ukraine. And because we have a personal connection – we have a friend living through the war – we really wanted to do something to help.

    So, we decided that a dollar from every bottle of the new flavour sold will be used to support our friend to get access to the basics he and his family need to survive, and further profits will be donated to the Red Cross Ukraine Appeal.

    KcU Passion for Ukraine contains real passionfruit, organic butterfly pea flower, blue cornflowers, purified water, organic sugar, organic green tea and kombucha culture.

    It’s the fourth flavour in the range, joining Kc2 Japanese Lime, Kc3 Springtime and Kc4 Boysenberry Burst on the shelves. All Kc Kombucha drinks are traditionally brewed, naturally fermented low-sugar kombuchas, made with wholefoods, free from preservatives, additives and artificial flavours.

    KcU Passion for Ukraine is perfect for summer

    You can enjoy it straight out of the bottle, over ice in your favourite wine or beer glass, or use it as a base for this yummy summer drink that’s a refreshing twist on a cocktail classic. If you want to be super healthy, omit the rum and opt for a non-alcohol version.

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    Hi, I'm Gail Matthew, Founder and Creator of Kombucha City and Kc Kombucha drinks. As a qualified naturopath and medical herbalist, I know what needs to go into our bodies in order for them to function at their best. I spent years overcoming Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and and I want to build a positive community of health conscious kombucha lovers, who are committed to putting their health first!

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