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    Stay fashionably warm this Winter with these style tips

    Winter is finally here! And for us Kiwis, we all know what that means: powerful winds, freezing weather, and cold, wet rainstorms.

    While it’s easy to stay warm with a simple hoodie or sweater, if your looking for that extra element in your wardrobe to stay fashionable, you’ve come to the right place!

    Check out these style tips to stay fashionably warm this winter!

    Firstly, Layering

    Layering doesn’t have to be just a plain t-shirt under the itchy sweater you got last year for Christmas. Mix in different fabrics and lengths. A silk shirt will keep you warm and comfortable as a base layer, while a cashmere-silk blend sweater will look classy and keep you warm without generating too much heat. Additionally, a coat would add that extra element to your look, perfect for that added layer of warmth and style. Choose different lengths to either complement or contrast with your inner layers.

    Outer Layers

    Of course, polyester coats are not everyone’s forte. There are a range of winter outerwear, such as leather coats and jackets, padded or puffer jackets, sherpa lined coats (sherpa lined denim jackets if you’d prefer), parkas for a more casual look, or quilter coats and jackets. If you have a disdain for hoodies or sweatshirts, these are your go-to outwear pieces.

    Avoid Cotton

    Number one tip for winter is to avoid cotton at all costs! While cotton is extremely breathable and comfortable, it is a fabric that retain water and moisture, making it an unsuitable fabric for winter weather. Aim for wool, silk, fleece, nylon, or polyester to keep you warm.

    Snug-fitting clothing

    You would think the more fabric you wear, the warmer you’d be, right? Incorrect. Baggy clothing allows air to flow more freely inside, trapping cool air and moisture close to your body. Instead, choose more snug-fitting pieces, especially for your first and second layers. Fleece-lined leggings or skinny jeans will keep your legs warm, and also balance out various or oversized layers on your body.

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