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    5 Essential Style Elements for your Fall Wardrobe

    5 Essential Style Elements for your Fall Wardrobe

    As fashion trends come and go, each season brings about new trends and styles different from the last. From plaid patterns and berets, to skinny scarfs and fur vests, trends can seem unpredictable and unorthodox. Or to be blunt – tacky.

    In the past, warm tones and soft drapey fabrics have often been the highlight of autumn-themed attire. In conjunction with the iconic pumpkin-spiced lattes and the flaky auburn leaves scattered on the sidewalks, the autumn aesthetic has always represented an ideology of harvest and transformation; whether this translates to abundance, maturity, growth, or even literally, harvesting crops.

    standing woman in white sweater on plant field
    Photo by Flora Westbrook on Pexels.com

    However, no matter what trends push their way into this warm season, there is always one style that continuously prevails. 

    The Classic style is a timeless style that consists of elevated basic pieces to create a sophisticated look and a clean silhouette. Even if the Classic style isn’t your forte, you will still have a foundation to develop your own attire from. 

    Fall Wardrobe,

    5 Essential Elements for Autumn


    woman wearing white turtleneck sweater
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    Firstly, we begin with basics. A desirable wardrobe needs to start with a solid foundation. Basic pieces such as plain tank tops, long sleeve and short sleeve t-shirts, button-down blouses, and so on, bring a crisp look to an outfit. Layering such basics creates an elevated look, and are easy to dress up without looking too overcrowded.

    A wardrobe full of statement pieces can never truly look put together. Basics are the essential building blocks for fashion that work together with other statement pieces and accessories. They tone down an outfit in order for the wearer to build it up without going over the top. A chunky knit sweater can look amazing in Autumn with plain denim jeans; But not with a patterned floor-length skirt. 

    Neutral palette 

    woman sitting on a chair next to a window
    Photo by Tatiana on Pexels.com

    Neutral colors have always been an everlasting element in universal fashion. Though they’ve never been at the forefront of mainstream fashion, their timelessness has always laid in the background, and are soon to be making a more prominent comeback as the fall season approaches. 

    Owning a neutral palette doesn’t just mean sticking to black and white. Beige, brown, gray, cream, and taupe are also considered neutral colors. I wouldn’t consider myself an expert on color theory, but although neutral colors are not featured on the color wheel, they immensely complement primary and secondary colors such as red and blue. Once again, just like with basics, we aim to create a balance of colors and elements of an outfit. 

    Too many colors can look unpleasant and unnatural. Bright colorful clothing and funky patterns have always made a statement, however those trends have a consistent pattern of rapidly infiltrating the mainstream media, then disappearing just as quickly. 2021 welcomed back Y2K (Year 2000) fashion, for a brief few months, and is now almost out of sight.

    Jackets and Coats

    clothes hanging in a rack
    Photo by MART PRODUCTION on Pexels.com

    Although not every outfit requires outerwear, it can help elevate your overall look. Coats and jackets create silhouettes; Cropped jackets create more emphasis in the shoulders, creating an hourglass silhouette; Trench coats create long vertical lines that elongates and refines an individual; Blazers create sharp edges that make an individual look more refined and cleaner. Even oversized puffer jackets create volume in the upper body and can create the illusion of a runway look.

    Coats and Jackets can act as statement pieces and upgrade a simple outfit to a stylish one. As the fall season becomes chilly, it is handy to note the impact that outerwear has on a look.

    Wide leg trousers

    shirtless woman in wide pants casting shadows on wall
    Photo by Екатерина Лебедь on Pexels.com

    Everyone has trousers. Slacks, jeans, flares, joggers. But the one type of trousers that stands out are the wide leg trousers. 

    Extremely flattering and chic, wide leg pants provide the comfort and mobility that tight-fitting pants do not. They are the perfect pair of pants for volatile weather – rather than switching from shorts to trousers, wide leg pants are my favorite for keeping cool and comfortable all day. Their casual, yet classy look makes any outfit look extremely refined, and at such minimal effort! 

    As skinny jeans have moved out of the spotlight, wide leg pants are making their way deeper into the fashion industry. Comfort and practicality are becoming more prominent features amongst fashion, as baggy clothing is becoming more popular.


    gold necklace with pendant on a book page
    Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

    No matter what you choose to wear, accessorize with jewelry! Minimalistic and classic jewelry can compliment an outfit, however, other types of jewelry can have the opposite effect.

    Your accessories should match the style of your outfit. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, should not overpower the main features of your attire. Throughout history, jewelry has been used to highlight the natural features of its users – and that hasn’t changed a hundred years later.

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