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    How To Co-Ordinate The Colour Scheme Of Your Home

    How To Co-Ordinate The Colour Scheme Of Your Home

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    Is your home feeling a bit ‘tired’? Perhaps it’s time to consider a makeover! And sometimes it can be as simple as a fresh coat of paint or some new furniture that can really make a difference!

    Creating cohesion

    We know that creating a colour scheme for your entire home can seem like a daunting task – choosing a colour scheme for one room can be very difficult, so choosing a colour scheme for your entire home takes a lot of thought and effort. 

    Using an entire house colour scheme along with some room colour psychology and tips for choosing the right paint colour can help you choose the right colour to transform every room, every time. Not only will having a complete home palette with colour transitions make decorating decisions easier, but using the colours in the palette will create a beautiful transition from room to room. 

    For example, if you’re looking for a warm palette and your default neutral is beige, you can use shades of orange or brown for curtains, rugs, single armchairs, and more. Preset neutral colours will match your home and make your work – if you’re still working from home – more comfortable.

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    Continuity and colour pops!

    You don’t have to use the same colour scheme in all rooms, but you should match the colours throughout your home, especially if it has an open floor plan. The ‘least complicated’ way to combine colours throughout your home is to use the same three or five colours in every room. It seems more obvious to use consistent colours in an open space or small space, but even in a house with separate rooms, you don’t want to turn a corner and get the jarring effect caused by an out of place colour. If you want all of the individual rooms, like the bedrooms and bathrooms in your home, to have a different colour and your home doesn’t look like a circus, expand on the existing colours by adding colour accents. Cushions are a great way to do that!

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    Tone on tone

    If you want your room to have a subtle yet elegant colour scheme, you can use colours next to each other and apply them to the different furniture and decorations in the space. You can then work on the finer details for the rest of the room, tie the decor together, and ensure consistency across the colour scheme. If you’re looking for a way to more easily decorate the perfect room, try a free online colour generator OR add the name of your favourite colours into a search engine and add in the words ‘colour palette’ and you’ll find loads of images turn up with a bunch of different combinations incorporating your preferences. 

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    Creating cohesion

    The colours you use in your home should not be chosen individually, in isolation, but with your entire home in mind. You may not want to start painting every space, but look for fabrics or fabrics that use your colour and decide which colour will look best on the walls. Since paint is cheap and can match almost any colour, it’s best to start your colour search with less flexible elements of the room, such as furniture, textiles, tiles, or wallpaper. 

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    Build your palette

    One of the best ways to build a palette is to find ways to use the same colour in different shades and hues. It is believed that only complementary colours or harmonious shades can be used together for the whole colour scheme of a home, but as long as they work tonally, unusual colour combinations will work and most importantly can be adjusted to suit the room according to the natural light that the space receives and the time of day the room is used. 

    If you’re not sure where to start, consider taking photos of your space and bring them over to the team at beds n lounge direct

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