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    My Top 6 Earrings Trends of 2021

    My Top 6 Earrings Trends of 2021

    Accessories are magical. They have the ability to spice up what could’ve been a plain and boring outfit and turn it into a well-thought-out, carefully crafted look. My personal favorite accessories are earrings since they frame your face and are so easy to dress up and down. There are fun, patterned earrings for casual get-togethers with friends, but there are also elegant, diamond earrings for fancy dress-up dinners. Today, I wanted to show you some of my favorite earrings trends pulled right from my own collection.


    Dangly earrings are particularly fun since they create so much movement around your ears. While they can also sometimes be short, the dangly earrings I chose are more on the longer side. The first pair of earrings are best paired with a more dressed-up outfit. The gold diamond chain is connected by little pearls, creating a stylish and decorative look.

    If you’re looking for something a little simpler and more understated, then the second pair of earrings are for you. Even though it’s just a silver thread, these are one of my go-to earrings because they make every outfit look so classy. The silver will especially stand out and glitter if you have darker hair.


    Pearl earrings are a timeless classic. They’re so simple and elegant, and they make every outfit a little more sophisticated. The first pair are just some small, pearl stud earrings. They match well with everything and are so light, you barely feel that they’re there.

    The next pair of earrings are slightly fancier as there is some extra gold detailing to what would otherwise also be a simple pearl stud. I particularly love these earrings because, if you look closely, there’s a small “C”, which not only is a nod to my name, but also gives off Chanel vibes.


    The next couple of earrings are what I like to call my “K-Pop Idol” earrings. Basically, they’re what I imagine the members of a cool K-Pop group would wear. Chain earrings are great for when you want to achieve a more streetwear style.

    While the first pair of chain earrings look quite bold and chunky, they don’t feel heavy on the ears. This pair is especially interesting because they’re an asymmetrical set. One earring is a drop-style earring, and the other has a chain that loops around to the back of the ear.

    The second set of earrings are a smaller, more simple pair of chain earrings. They’re great for adding a little more edge to your look, while not being too over the top.


    Statement earrings live up to their name – they’re loud and bold and make their presence known. The first pair of statement earrings are an elegant, but flashy pair of chandelier earrings. The crystals give off a bright sparkle and help to draw attention.

    The next set of earrings are a little funkier. They’re drop-style earrings, and the gold background helps the black part of the earring not be drowned out by my dark hair. The earrings are sophisticated and sleek, but the gold adds a pop of color to help them stand out.


    Heart earrings are perfect for when you want to create a sweet, youthful look. I actually bought the first pair of earrings at a market in Thailand, and they’re a great addition for when I want a more retro, fun vibe. My favorite detail is the fuzzy plaid detailing inside the heart.

    If you want something sweet and simple, the second pair of heart earrings are just that. The hearts on these earrings are an outline and dangle down low near your neck. The gold especially pops against my dark hair.


    Hoop earrings are another timeless classic that helps spice up any outfit. The first pair of hoop earrings are not the traditional, loop-around-the-ear type. However, I like that the earrings are front-facing because then the circles are clearly seen, and they still give off the illusion of hoop earrings.

    The next pair of earrings are a more classic hoop style. I love that they’re a little chunky and that the silver color reflects light, giving the earrings a little more shimmer. These are definitely one of my go-to earrings since they pair well with nearly every outfit and helps to elevate the look.

    And those were some of my favorite earrings trends. There was a wide variety of different styles, so I hope you gained some inspiration for your next earrings purchase. If you want to see how I styled some of these earrings with different outfits, you can check out my summer lookbook here: https://guidetobettershopping.com/episodes/my-top-5-summer-looks-of-2021-by-cindy-gu/

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