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    Luxury High Tea For Mothers Day at The Jockey Club Clubhouse

    Luxury High Tea For Mothers Day at The Jockey Club Clubhouse

    Looking for something extra special for Mum this Mothers Day? If so, The Jockey Club may have the perfect solution for you!

    Mother’s Day, the day dedicated to treating our deserving mothers to something special to remind them how much they are loved and appreciated. What better way to treat mum this Mother’s Day by taking her to the launch of a new luxury High Tea at The Jockey Club.

    Their head chef is absolutely passionate about food, always cooking up new ideas to put on your plate. They have one of the most varied menus in all of New Zealand, from British delicacies and traditional teas to Asian fusion, and beyond, bringing the flavours of the world under one opulent roof.
    When you step inside The Jockey Club, you leave the rush of the world behind.

    They welcome you into an alternate universe of luxury and comfort, illuminated by natural light and paved with the infamously British red carpet. The club is equipped with a delightfully peaceful tea garden, restaurant, bar, and beautifully furnished spaces that set the stage for extravagant events.

    The Jockey Club is run by a community of like-minded people who are not afraid to admit that they know what they like, and they make it their lifestyle every single day.

    Surrounded by exquisite scenery both indoors and out, The Jockey Club truly is a place that must be seen to be believed.

    The Jockey Club is more than a location. It’s a family, a community, a lifestyle, and an exclusive club founded by Alan Fu and Sir Owen Glenn. The vision for the club was to create a membership base where elite people join up and enjoy a successful venture in the equine industry focusing on thoroughbred breeding, trades, and races.

    Alan is also the Managing Partner of Pegasus Bloodstock. Members of the The Jockey Club Clubhouse also have rights to the Pegasus Riding Academy as this is also part of The Jockey Club. The Jockey Club is an old English-style venue that radiates luxury in every furnishing and staff member.

    They are proudly giving the city’s most discerning citizens a private space to host meetings, low tea gatherings, and more in a luxurious environment where peace and quiet are paramount. With passion at their core, they strive to make every moment of your ‘The Jockey Club’ experience unforgettable, from the moment you enter the building to the second you dig into their varied cuisine, to the moment you leave – eager to return.

    We’ll be there. Hopefully we’ll see you there too.

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