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    Understanding Non Verbal Communication With Elizabeth Herr

    Understanding Non Verbal Communication With Elizabeth Herr from The People Toolbox

    Do you want to make a great impression during a presentation, meeting, job interview, or your next networking event?

    Do you struggle to confidently present the most authentic and best version of yourself to the world?​

    Are you ready to recreate your identity and empower yourself to step up as a leader or entrepreneur?

    Meet Non Verbal Communication Expert, Elizabeth Herr

    Elizabeth Herr is a Speaker, Trainer and Author and is a specialist in non-verbal communication and human behaviour. She empowers people to define their identity, communicate with confidence, and look for the signs and signals to create win/win solutions in all areas of our lives: from the workplace, through to your business and your sales process, and even in their home!

    We recently interviewed Elizabeth for Guide To Better Living and she shared some AMAZING insights into how we perceive the world and the impact of how we show up.

    Watch the interview below.

    She does this by teaching some of the most powerful communications tools in existence, enabling anyone to communicate more deeply and more authentically.

    “When you come across as confident, you come across as more competent which helps build trust, credibility and better interpersonal connection and relationships.”

    Reinventing workplace culture and communication

    Miscommunications are common in the workplace so Elizabeth teaches leaders and their teams the fundamentals of open communication, based on scientific principles that incorporate both human behaviour and tried and tested strategies to bring enhance interpersonal relationships and increase productivity.

    Rediscovering your identity and personal empowerment

    For many women, solopreneurs, mumpreneurs or entrepreneurs, it’s easy to lose yourself and your identity. In her ‘Reinventing YOU’ workshops, Elizabeth helps you find your authentic empowered self, teaches you tools for better communication in your home and your business, while incorporating strategies for success and empowered self-management.

    Empowering teens to become great adults

    For most parents, communicating with teenagers can be a challenge, especially when your teen is working to try and understand themselves and where they fit in the world. In these workshops, Elizabeth helps teens uncover their greatness while enabling parents support their teens into creating empowered and autonomous personal and professional lives!

    To learn more about the tools in Elizabeths’ Toolbox, check out her website

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