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    Choosing To CHANGE Your Life

    Choosing To CHANGE Your Life

    Monique Bradley: TV presenter, web TV host, Food, living and lifestyle

    What’s been on my mind? The topic of CHANGE. When you’ve decided that muffin tops are ok at a cafe, but not on your body…. or that you’re tired of feeling tired and concerned that you’re getting breathless walking up a few stairs…. or perhaps you’re up in the night with nausea, bloating, diarrhoea …or maybe you just don’t like what you see in the mirror….whatever your driver, at some stage in your life some sort of switch ‘flips’ and you know it’s time to change.

    Many of us are afraid to change as we know that it may affect others around us, or perhaps we simply don’t know HOW!

    Let me tell you my friend, yes: you will affect others – hopefully positively with your new found energy, admirable health and incredible vitality – and they may not like it.

    There’s 3 things I need you need to know.

    Pack Correctiveness

    I read somewhere about a theory called ‘Pack corrective behaviour’.  In your family group or friendship circles, we all fit into a role a little bit like bees in a beehive. We all go about our business as usual and the Hive prospers.  At some stage in your own Hive, when you go to make a CHANGE you may find people trying to unknowingly sabotage your CHANGE.  It’s nothing personal – they are just trying to re-establish the status quo, by correcting you and making everything normal again.  Food patterns are the same. Your family may complain about your food.  They’ll also get used to it.  It’s time to be honest with YOU and put yourself first.

    The Ripple Effect: Notice The Change

    When you’re making a BIG change in your life, sometimes it’s almost as if everything and everyone in the world challenges you – as if they are saying ‘WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TO PUT YOURSELF FIRST?’ or in my life, as I was always a very competent talker (and often mocked for talking too much) ‘WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TO PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE, so I would slink into the background.  What I’ve learnt is that when this happens – yes, it’s not IF but WHEN – I take this as a sign that every day, in every way I’m getting closer and closer to my true calling, my true purpose and achieving my WHY.

    Change Starts With You

    Here’s an acronym for you to remember:








    CHANGE is empowering. It’s an opportunity to grow! Simply saying NO to someone can be so tremendously exhilarating, especially if you’ve been a people pleaser, and in that moment of exhilaration, check out that feeling! That’s your feeling of personal power kicking into action and you’re now in the driving seat of your own life. And you’re growing! Embrace it, relish it and LOVE IT!

    SO: Answer these questions…….honestly.

    • How often do you not speak you truth?
    • How often do you just cook a family meal to keep the kids happy and suffer with bloating?
    • How often do you not speak up for fear of being laughed at or mocked?

    Honesty is the key.  Be honest with yourself and everyone else around you. They may not like it at first, however a new Hive will evolve from it. 

    Your days of being a drone are over my dear.

    It’s time to be the Queen or King of your own life.

    Thanks for flipping the switch.  Let’s do this.

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