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    Creating The Perfect Dinner Party

    Creating The Perfect Dinner Party

    I’m Kevin Blakeman, a private chef so it might seem strange sharing tips on how to create the perfect dinner party, however I want you to have the best experience possible!

    You’re having a dinner party…. you’re getting stressed with the pressure of the occasion…..you’re slaving away in the kitchen while constantly worrying about cleaning the house……It’s a lot to deal with as you panic wondering: ‘Have I got this? Have I got that?’

    My advice? Don’t stress!

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    Step 1: Make a list

    Firstly: the golden rule is make a list….For everything! I imagine here in Millwater there are a lot of housewarming dinners at the moment, and now that everyone is starting to go out and socialise, the pressure to be the host or hostess with the ‘mostess’ is ON, so if you make a few simple lists you can’t go wrong!

    Most people just focus on the food they’re going to serve, however here’s a tip from me: Remember to list all the table settings, equipment and other party bits you need too. Don’t forget the drinks – both alcoholic and non!

    Design your menu

    When it comes to designing your menu, include items that can be made the day before. As an example, pork belly can be slowly braised then pressed overnight to get that real ‘restaurant look’ and then simply roasted just before eating. Try it. You’ll thank me later.

    Pro tip: When it comes to your food, often something that is overlooked is writing and printing menus. It elevates your event and your menu to look just that little bit more stylish by having something printed and placed at each table setting.

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    Prepare your ingredients

    Make a list of all your ingredients, when each recipe should be prepared and limit the amount of items that need to be cooked during the dinner. A cold starter is also highly advisable.

    Prepare your event plan

    I cannot stress enough how important planning is, so I’m saying it again: list the rest of your preparations, write a timeline for yourself and ensure you have a clear list of when you’re going to the shops, what you need, what needs to be cleaned, what needs to be prepared etc.

    This will also stop you over spending and over stressing as well!

    Open Strong: impress with canapés

    If you think about all those times you’ve been to a wedding, you’ll recall 2 things: 1. What the bride wore and 2. THE FOOD.

    Start as you mean to go on and open strong to create impact with your event. Rather than mundane chips and dip why not attack some simple canapés like the ones listed on the menu above? You can do it and these can be prepared in advance, reducing your stress and allowing you to mix and mingle with food in your hand.

    I have these and many more canapé and dinner party recipes coming your way, so follow me on Facebook or here on Guide To Better Living to ensure you grab those recipes for yourself!


    If you can’t keep calm and carry on despite all the lists and pointers then yes, hire a chef! Speaking for myself I come, I cook, clean and even design your menu for you and you just sit and relax!

    Check out my website: www.chefkevinblakeman.com or click the button below to get in touch.

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    Auckland private chef, caterer and food expert and owner of Beaufort + Co on Oteha Valley Road, Auckland. Visit my website at www.chefkevinblakeman.com to learn more and get in touch for your next event or occasion.

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