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    Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans? Yes Please! – Cocktail Collective Review

    Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans? Yes Please! – Cocktail Collective Review

    Let me start this off by saying: I don’t drink coffee.

    I’ve never been a fan. I don’t usually like the taste or how strong the flavour can be in my mouth. That’s why I was extremely hesitant when I was gifted a couple jars of the Cocktail Collective’s Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans.

    These are intended to be used as garnishes in cocktails, such as an Espresso Martini or a Black Russian, or even complement a coffee itself.

    I LOVE chocolate, so of course I had to give these a go. And now?

    I can’t stop eating them.

    For someone who doesn’t drink coffee, the taste of coffee in these chocolates are surprisingly not overpowering! The chocolate coating MELTS in your mouth before you even bite into it, and the coffee bean gives it some texture with an added CRUNCH in your mouth. The chocolate complements the coffee bean, giving a sweet, yet bitter concoction of flavour, without the long-lasting aftertaste of regular coffee. I’ve been snacking on these recently whenever I’ve been craving a sweet treat.

    My final word? BIG FAT YES.

    You can find these little treats on The Cocktail Collective’s website.

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