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    Simple Styling For The Workplace

    Simple Styling For The Workplace

    Do you struggle trying to work out what to wear each day? I know with my ever changing body that every time I’ve lost a little more weight, my new body shape has been like learning a new language!  SO, to help you out, my friend Rachael Thompson and I have been scouring the globe to find great garments that we like to wear and share and created a range called ‘Everyday FABULOUS!’ We’re both completely different body shapes so we’ve worked hard to find clothing that suits every BODY.

    When it comes to styling for the workplace, we invited NZ’s leading career expert Caroline Sandford from ‘Love Your Career‘ to join us for our latest episode of Style Fix.

    Caroline’s advice:

    • Dress authentically: ‘Be YOU and dress in a way that you feel comfortable’.
    • Dress appropriately: ‘Sadly, even if we don’t like it, in the workplace we are being judged by how we look. Going to a job interview in ripped jeans or jandals is going to reflect on how you’re perceived, even though you may be the perfect person for the role!’
    • Dress for the job you WANT: ‘You may not be in the perfect role or your dream job right now, but dressing for the role you want enables others to see you as the perfect fit for that role.’

    Tips from Rachael:

    • Dress for POWER: ‘The right clothes can be a defining point when it comes to owning your personal power. Wear colour for impact and make a statement!’
    • Dress for connection: ‘As a mortgage broker, I’m a seeing variety of  clients all the time. If I was going to see a first home buyer and I was wearing a power suit, I may not be seen as friendly and approachable. I dress in a way that enables me to connect with my clients, while remaining true to who I am.’
    • Dress for femininity: ‘I work in very male dominated industry, however I don’t need to dress like a man to feel powerful. I dress in a way that suits who I am, as my power and my belief that I am an equal in the industry, comes from within. I always try to look my best, feel good and embrace my femininity to feel strong and unique.’

    Monique’s thoughts:

    • Dress to your personality: ‘For years I hid myself away in black clothing. Firstly I was told it was more flattering and secondly I was told that my outrageously bright and bold clothes were embarrassing. Now I work every day to express myself not just through my actions and what I say, but through what I wear as well!’
    • Dress simply: ‘You don’t need a lot of clothes to have a HUGE wardrobe!  You just need the right clothes. I have basics that I wear all the time: classic jeans, classic tanks, shift dresses and dress trousers. This enables me to add seasonal printed garments overtop that I can wear a variety of ways! Suddenly 3 strategically purchased garments can turn into 12 completely different looks and outfits!!’
    • Dress to be remembered: ‘People may not remember what you said, but they’ll remember what you wore and how you made them feel. Make it memorable…..’

    Here’s the show all about it, loaded with tips from the 3 of us on how to authentically style yourself for work!

    And for a quick overview of how to style the blazer, the bomber and the kimono, here’s the screens!

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