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    10 Ways To Bring A Little Edge To Your Every Day Look

    10 Ways To Bring A Little Edge To Your Every Day Look

    Are you tired of feeling drab in everything you wear? Having fun with your outfits can have a huge positive impact on how you feel every day, but you need to know how to do this before you dive in head first and start experimenting. Below, you’ll find 10 ways to bring a little edge to your everyday look. Take a look and see what you can do: 

    1. Experiment With Jewellery

    Start by experimenting with jewelery. Jewelery is such a fun way to switch up your outfits and add a little edginess. However, first you need a decent collection of pieces to experiment with. For example:

    • Different types of bracelets to layer and create an ‘arm party’. 
    • Various necklaces and lengths to layer up, or just to enhance what you are wearing with one piece. 
    • Rings, both statement and stacking rings. 
    • Earrings and ear cuffs. 

    Jewellery can either enhance an outfit subtly or add a lot of edge to your look, depending on how many pieces you decide to wear and layer. Don’t be afraid to mix different styles and metals, as this can look great. Ignore the ‘rules’ that say you can’t do this. 

    One of my favourite brands that you can have a lot of fun with and try out this mix and match concept is the brilliant NZ company, Kagi. I love their styles which are a fusion of classic styles and chunky design.

    One of the key features is that their unique ‘mix and match’ interchangeable range of components means that once you have your key base necklace or bracelet, you can simply add different pendants to completely transform your look! This makes it a super cost effective and versatile style option, suited to every mood and every style!

    1. Wear Glasses 

    You don’t ‘need’ glasses to wear them and rock them. Sunglasses are great for protecting your eyes all throughout the year, while reading glasses and blue light glasses can actually add an edge to any look. Even glasses with clear frames can look great.

    You can find glasses that look similar to those in fashion magazines online – just make sure you know the kind of shapes you believe suit your face and current style. A pair of bold glasses can work great – just look at Iris Apfel! All you need is confidence to rock a bold accessory. 

    1. Switch Up Your Colour Palette 

    Perhaps your colour palette is a little old. Why not incorporate a brand new colour? If you’ve never really considered defining your colour palette, try doing this now.

    • Which colours do you enjoy wearing most?
    • Which do you think suits you the most?
    • Can you pair most of these colours?

    This can make shopping and dressing much less stressful, and you’ll create somewhat of a signature look. 

    1. Try A New Hairstyle 

    It could be time to try a new hairstyle. If you’ve had the same style for a while, why not make a small change, such as a parting on the opposite side, or adding a fringe? The shaggy look is quite in right now, but there are all kinds of ways you can try out new styles without committing to a huge change. Your hair will always grow back if you don’t like it! 

    1. Have Fun With Accessories

    There are lots of ways you can have fun with accessories, too. Shoes are a great way to experiment with patterns, especially if you’re not used to incorporating them with your clothes.

    Scarves are a nice accessory to have on hand, as you can wear them in your hair, tie them to your bags, or around your neck.

    Hats can keep you cosy but add a little edge if you need it, and then there are an abundance of hair accessories.

    Slides, headbands, and other accessories could be just what you need to add interest to an outfit and make you feel good. 

    1. Test Out Something You Wouldn’t Usually Wear

    Why not experiment by testing out something that you wouldn’t usually wear? This might be a brand new style, a vintage piece, or something that intrigues you, but you’re just not sure if you would like it.

    You can avoid too much commitment by renting an item rather than buying it to see how you feel about it, or you could borrow a piece off a friend before investing in your own.

    You can also experiment with new styles by hosting clothes swaps with friends. This way, you both get to try out new pieces without spending a penny, and you get rid of pieces that you’ve probably had enough off. 

    1. Find Your Own Unique Style

    Finding your own unique style takes time and effort, but it’s always worth it. Forget trends – they come and go far too quickly. Instead, try to figure out what you like wearing the most.

    • When do you feel your best?
    • When do you feel most like ‘you’?

    This is usually an indicator of the clothes you should be wearing most of all. See if you can come up with some descriptive words for yourself and then apply them to your style. Remember, just because you like a piece of clothing on somebody else, doesn’t mean it’s something you should own or wear. Knowing your own unique style is one of the most powerful things you can do. 

    1. Try A Wash In Wash Out Color

    A wash in, wash out color could be a good choice if you want to try something a little crazy without paying for it for a long time. Maybe you could add a hint of pink or blue to blonde hair and see how you feel. You only live once!

    Make sure you look for a reputable brand and follow the instructions to avoid ruining your hair. Many of these colours don’t work on dark hair, unfortunately, which is why you should check the instructions to be sure. 

    1. Use Different Textures In Your Outfits 

    See how you can include different textures in each of your outfits. This is especially important if you’re partial to wearing neutral outfits, or all black outfits. They can begin to look boring if you don’t incorporate enough texture! Consider this when shopping for new pieces and you’ll look professionally put together in no time. 

    1. Layer Your Pieces 

    Layering is a great way to make the most of the pieces you own year round. It helps you to create a variety of looks and ensure you’re not buying pieces you’re only going to wear once and then forget about. It also helps to add texture! For example, an oversized jumper worn over a nice dress, or a high neck top underneath a t-shirt. 

    What’s your favourite way to dress up or transform your look? Would love to hear from you on my social media pages, so connect and share what works for you!

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