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    How To Dress For Your Body Shape

    How To Dress For Your Body Shape

    Hi, it’s Monique here and I know a thing of two about body shape, having lost more than 40 kilos in weight and through that journey pretty much being every body shape possible!!

    Before we even start with this topic, I want to talk about the WHY.

    Everything to do with body shape and body image is, in my opinion, to do with our primal programming. We all have it ingrained in us that we want to be skinnier, prettier and younger looking…..but why? We all at some level want to feel more desirable, acceptable and included in a community, which actually hails back to our caveman self. When we were cavemen and women, if we were isolated from our tribe, we would be less likely to survive so we are literally hardwired fit in or to be acceptable so we can simply survive.

    I believe that at the core of our image, most of us are trying to look younger, more attractive, skinnier, fitter and on a primal level, fertile. It’s obvious.

    • Looking younger means larger eyes, the desire to be wrinkle free and have a smaller nose
    • Looking attractive leads to signs of ‘arousal’, through triggers such as redder lips via lipstick, dilated pupils using contacts
    • Looking healthy or skinny means blemish free skin, a fit body, long legs, toned arms, tiny waist
    • Looking fertile psychologically is conveyed through the size of the breasts, hips and butt

    We all do it every day.

    Crazy huh? It’s happening every day. Check out these stats:

    So, even though it’s the 21st century and we can literally live independently, we are still judged by our appearance and that can trigger our level of acceptance.  Scary stuff huh? But think about it: when was the last time you judged someone by the way they presented themselves to you? It’s nothing personal. It’s just the way we are hardwired and I’ve decided that we need to do something about this! And it all starts with YOU: knowing your amazingness, making the most of that amazingness and being your best, happiest self, because at the end of the day, happiness looks good on any body shape. Statistically, happy people earn more money too, so that’s a bonus…..!

    Monique Bradley Dressing For your body shape

    Start be learning to love your body FIRST. It’s the home you’ll live in for your entire life,

    so look after it. Give it great food and instead of focussing on the lumps and bumps you DON’T like, learn what works for your unique shape.

    To get you started, I’ve created this download with a few tips from me on how tounderstand your body shape and make the most of your amazingness.

    And if you want a personal makeover or a re-vamp of your wardrobe, email me: [email protected]


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