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    How To Choose The Perfect Shoes For Your Leg Shape

    How To Choose The Perfect Shoes For Your Leg Shape

    If you’re like me, you may quietly have a shoe addiction…..it’s ok. I’m not judging. Over the years I’ve bought a heap of shoes and wasted a lot of money and now the things I’m looking for are either:

    • investment shoes: these are higher quality and command a higher price point. Anything made from real leather in a boot, bootie or classic shoe will be designed to last you for years. I have a pair of cowboy boots that I’ve re-soled twice and 10 years later, they’re still amazing.
    • seasonal shoes: normally a cheaper price but more a disposable item that will be in trend for this season. Often patterns, florals or particular colours tend to be seasonal so finding a comfy shoe at a reasonable price will ensure you’re on trend for the season without breaking the bank.

    The big question then becomes: WHICH SHOE IS RIGHT FOR ME? This really is a big deal. The right shoes can literally transform your posture and your outfit and if you’re going for a bare leg, can transform the shape and appearance of your legs as well.

    Firstly: What’s your leg shape? Take a look at these images from my Live Stream to get an idea of what your leg shape may be and a description of which shoes may suit you the best.

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    And for more details on how to make it all work, here’s a link to the Live Stream!

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