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    3 ways you can look instantly slimmer

    3 ways you can look instantly slimmer

    Hey there! Through my weight loss journey, I’ve been pretty much every body shape you can imagine! The pear, the brick, the inverted triangle, the apple, the hourglass…..you name it!  Through that journey, I’ve had to learn to dress for each shape – which for me was almost like learning a new language!!

    SO: for my first official episode of ‘Style Fix’ I thought I’d share 3 fast and easy tips on how you can look instantly slimmer straight away!

    OK: here there are.

    1. Work on your posture. In the video below, I share some tips on how you can straighten your posture by opening up the chest muscles and strengthening the back and why it will change the look of your entire body!
    2. Get a proper fitting bra. Every bra fits differently and serves a different purpose. A sports bra is different from a plunge, which is different from a balconette, which is different from a T shirt bra or a push up.  Which one is right for you and where should you go? I share details of that in the video. It’s defo worth a watch!
    3. Support garments. It doesn’t matter if you’re big or small, they create a great look and work like a second skin covering all your lumps and bumps and creating and incredible silhouette. They also come in a variety of fabrics, shapes and sizes, so how do you choose the right one?? I reveal all (well not all, but you get what I mean…..) in the video. Take a look and if you’re stuck, send me an email. Happy to help.


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