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    The one super food I WON’T recommend

    The one super food I won’t recommend

    I know this might cause a bit of upset, but WHEATGRASS. What’s that all about? Yes, I appreciate it’s great as it’s loaded with Chlorophyll which is awesome for dealing with hunger and cravings, plus it’s super antioxidant powers are amazing at fighting free radicals that may lead to the production of cancer cells.

    But let’s talk some sense for a moment: when your dog is sick, what does it do? It goes and eats grass to help it vomit. Yes siree it does.

    Some years ago, a lady I know said to me ‘try this wheatgrass shot! It’s amazing for your health!’ Well not only was it one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever drunk, but it had the same effect on me too!  I went a little green and hurled.

    Here’s why: we’re not actually designed to ingest grass!!  Cows and many other grass eating mammals actually have 4 stomachs to be able to process the coarse nature of their food. Well technically, it’s one stomach with 4 compartments, all designed to assist with the breakdown of grasses – something that we don’t have.  Neither do dogs.

    If you’re obsessed with getting more chlorophyll into your diet, you could instead try these delicious tasting foods:

    • dark, leafy greens especially spinach, kale, chard & collards
    • fresh herbs like parsley, dill & coriander
    • blue-green algae
    • sprouts
    • matcha whole leaf green tea
    • green vegetables & fruit like peas, asparagus, broccoli, grapes & celery
    • sea vegetables (seaweed)

    We have to stop listening to trends and get back to eating real, simple foods! To be honest, that list sounds like a much nicer experience to me and if I’m going to be healthy by making healthier food choices, you can bet your bottom dollar it’s going to be tasty!

    Let me know your thoughts!

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