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    Restaurant Review: Bodrum Market

    Restaurant Review: Bodrum Market

    There’s nothing I love more than the hearty, tasty goodness of a Turkish platter. Growing up in Wellington, the ‘strip’ – also known as Courtney Place – and its nearby streets were littered with Turkish inspired eateries that bought food enthusiasts and late night party goers a lot of joy. To find those flavours in the heart of Newmarket brought back both happy memories and a whole lot of joy.

    Bodrum Market is set in the bustling brilliance of the recently made over Westfield Shopping Centre in Newmarket, affectionally known by many of my chums as ‘277’. They claim to ‘bring the tastes of the world to the heart of Auckland, with an interior inspired by Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar and the streets of Bodrum City.’ While I haven’t been to Bodrum City, based on the quality of the food and the experience, I’m totally picking up what they’re putting down!

    While there’s plenty of ‘in restaurant’ seating amidst fun and detailed decor, the place to sit is in the Atrium style eatery just outside (pictured) which gives you both the perfect place to be seen, while giving you a great locale for people watching. It’s a fascinating experience to see foodies move from menu to menu as they float between eateries, looking for the ultimate dining experience, something that Bodrum hit the mark for me and my companion today. So: let’s talk FOOD.

    The menu is extensive with a vast array of flavours and tasty treats that are perfect for individuals, or for sharing. From classic mediterranean pizza style dishes, through to specific breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes with a deliciously exotic twist, there is literally something for everyone.

    Even for someone like me who is carb sensitive, the shared meat platter was an absolute delight – full of flavour and super tasty – filled with a mix of classic chicken skewers, iskender lamb and beef meatballs supported with some freshly made flatbread, chickpeas and pilaf rice and some gorgeous dips that were the perfect blend of aromas and flavours. (Pic of our platter below.)

    It’s also good to note that they’ve got a great cocktail menu and extensive wine list which was certainly appreciated even over our lunchtime getaway from the office (don’t judge me) and with 3 hours of free parking in the facility (download the Westfield App to access that) it was all just super easy. Of course, I must remind you to drink responsibly etc etc, or take a driver and relax.

    The food is hearty with good sized portions, the atmosphere authentic (not that I’ve been to Bodrum City, but I can only hope it was as lovely as the restaurant and surrounding area) and the location was super easy to get to. Find them in the upper Atrium area on the top floor of Westfield Newmarket and take friends! It’s a good place to share platters, enjoy the flavours and create great memories.

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