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    Auckland’s Best Butter Chicken

    Auckland’s Best Butter Chicken – Little India

    Has lockdown left you craving a good curry? We hear you! As dedicated foodies, we’ve scoured UberEats to try and find the best butter chicken in the market to serve those curry cravings and it seems that Little India in Glen Eden delivers the perfect balance of creamy goodness and a raft of options.

    The Little India Story

    Little India has restaurants all over NZ and was actually the originator of my first Indian Food experience in my early 20’s in Wellington. As a previously prudish foodie, my mother – a cooking teacher – took Indian cooking classes to expand her repertoire and her favourite dish, a dry version of Aloo Ghobi, was a delightful twist on my favourite food – chips. After all, potatoes are life! To then turn up at a restaurant that served this uniquely, scrumptious dish AND heavenly pockets of puffy garlic bread style goodness……well…..my life was complete. Now some 20 something years later, I’m in a different city, but still a huge fan.

    Original owners of the franchise, Sukhi and Joanna Gill started their journey as business owners and entrepreneurs with a small dairy, and adjoining fish and chip shop, in Ravensbourne just outside Dunedin. When Sukhi’s mother and father visited from India, Sukhi decided to add a few Indian dishes to the fish and chip shop’s menu. Soon there were lines of people down the street wanting to enjoy the new Indian dishes. With a single electric stove struggling to keep up with demand, Joanna (a chef) and Sukhi (an accountant) decided to open a New Zealand Indian restaurant.

    – www.littleindia.co.nz

    The restaurant group finally launched as its own entity in 1991 and since then restaurants have popped up around the country, owned by hardworking people with incredible stories. Little India Glen Eden is a great example of this.

    Owned by Bobby Arora, the venue is BRILLIANT (make sure you visit when the levels allow) with a special mezzanine for more private group dining and Indian inspired booths giving you a taste of Bobby’s gorgeous homeland.

    The food is next level.

    Having visited India a few years ago, this is the closest food I’ve found that matches the authentic flavours I experienced first hand.

    But wait – there’s more……

    One of the really stand out moments for me largely living my life as a ‘low carber’ is the option of cauliflower rice. Light, fluffy and delicious with no ‘carbo coma’ or the usual tummy tantrums that I experienced with white rice, meaning I can literally have my curry and eat it too. Can life get any better?

    If you haven’t tried their food, it’s a must. Download their app and get it delivered or order for contactless pickup. You’ll thank me later.

    Absolutely 5 stars.

    Little India Glen Eden

    142 West Coast Road


    P +64 9 818 2526 

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