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    A little piece of High Tea Heaven in Napier….

    The Best High Tea in Napier

    Monique Bradley: TV presenter, web TV host, Food, living and lifestyle

    Monique here, ready with a little story of my first NZ High Tea experience. Now, the scones, jam and cream from a can I served at the Bellevue School Fair Devonshire Tea classroom cafe in 1982 is not quite what I’m about to discuss. Nor shall I describe the countless rounds of scones I perfected in my mothers Newlands Kitchen as a child…This my darlings is something much grander:  Port O Call in Napier.  (A perfect time for an overwhelmed hush from the crowd…)

    I walked into what appeared to be a shop attached to a tearoom – which it is – with a delightful array of vintage and modern vintage cups, saucers and kitcheny things that made me feel like a puppy with a new play toy. Pink, pastels, polka dots and florals everywhere delighted my visual senses so entirely that I nearly passed out, overwhelmed by the loveliness. I never knew something so lovely existed in Aotearoa!  Now, we are talking 10 years ago my dears, sometime before High Tea really became as popular as it is now.

    Napier itself is the Art Deco Capital of New Zealand so it’s no surprise that a store of this nature is nestled away in it’s arms.  Down by the wharf, it’s name is aptly titled with a gorgeous selection of single serve tea cup, saucer and plate trio’s – each with a distinct look and heritage.

    Royal Doulton and the like sit beautifully among more modern pieces and each set is as unique as the customer who chooses to use it.

    The food and tea itself is also perfect – the lovely simple delights befitting of such an occasion with changeable sweet treats of your choosing. The plates arrive with fresh garden flowers and the clientele, both male and female transitioned every age and demographic.

    The experience itself fuelled my addiction for the taste, the etiquette, the moment to ‘take time out of the eveydayness and be’, so much so that I considered buying the place.  Sadly, I did not live in the area, did not know how to run such a venue or have the money to buy it. Ah well, at least my love of the experience has continued and one day I will support Port O Call Again….


    Till next time,

    The High Tea Queen. *waves regally*

    Location Details:

    Port O Call

    9 Nelson Quay,  Ahuriri,  Napier
    Phone 06 8336688

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