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    Turning The Big Picture Into Action Steps – FREE DOWNLOAD

    Turning The Big Picture Into Action Steps – FREE DOWNLOAD

    Do you ever struggle with being TOO creative? A million ideas run through your head but you literally have failure to launch ANY OF THEM? Similarly, I talk to a lot of people who have a really clear idea of where they want to go with their life or their business, but no idea how to get there……If either of those sound familiar, then this tool is something that could be super helpful for you!

    There’s 3 key ways that we think and function in the business or management space: Strategically, tactically or operationally.

    Strategic thinking is about broad, long-term goals; tactical covers the big projects or activities that move you toward achieving those goals; and operational activities are the day-to-day processes that achieve the tactical objectives.

    Creative personality types often get lost in thoughts ( I speak from experience here ) and can literally have ‘paralysis by over analysis’. Similarly, strategic thinkers can often see the big picture but struggle to create a path to get there – because that’s the job of a tactician like me. On the flipside, operational people who often call themselves ‘the doer’s’ end up just ‘DOING’ lots of activities, always seeming super busy, but never quite making any progress at all!

    This download / planner that I’ve created gives you a framework to help you create a plan of where you want to go in your business or your life and can be done weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly. It caters for the strategists to really clarify that big picture, then it’s easy to chat with someone who’s a great problem solver and look at the elements required to get there.

    Following that, there’s a section that helps you define action steps to get started AND a timetable to schedule your actions for the coming week.

    Download it and try it for yourself! It’s really helped me and many of my clients find clarity and direction and can be done while you’re having a coffee.

    And to find out more about how you can take your business to the next level, take a look at my business site: www.yourfixcommunications.com

    We help entrepreneurs and businesses create greater impact in the digital space! If you’re ready to GROW, pop on over and take a look!

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