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    The BEST productivity planner EVER!

    The BEST productivity planner EVER!

    Do you struggle with finding direction in your network marketing business? I’ve been in the game, so I get it! AND NOW, I actually coach or develop unique marketing angles for network marketers throughout Australasia empowering them to LEVEL UP, grow themselves and grow their business!

    One of the best tools I ever laid my hands on was a productivity planner specifically for network marketers wanting to get clarity, stay on track and GROW. Even though I’m no longer in network marketing, the information, training and planners are still relevant for my business and I love that it’s PRETTY! It keeps me engaged and helps with my productivity!

    The styles

    What do you get?

    When you order your productivity planner, firstly you get to choose from several different styles. (You can click on each style name to have a look at the planner.)

    How to use the productivity planner

    • Firstly, you get access to downloadable PDF files with 75+ checklists,  worksheets & templates for 10 key areas in direct sales PLUS undated monthly, weekly & daily calendar planner pages in multiple layouts. I LOVE THAT!!
    • The content is not specific to any one direct sales business or company, so it can be easily customised for your business and your needs.
    • The files are separated into 10 categories for the key areas in your business. You can put this together as a Business Toolkit in a 3 ring binder, ARC/Disc or A5 planner. I personally recommend a 3 ring binder.
    • You can customise the planner by choosing to print only the sections and pages that you need for your own business and then print more pages as needed.
    • The Toolkit includes planning pages, worksheets & checklists for: Goals, Schedule, Customers, Parties, Marketing,  Events, Fundraisers, Team Building, Leadership, Business Management & Training.
    • You only have to purchase the system ONE time, the pages are undated so you can re-use and print more pages as often as you need year after year!

    There’s also video content online to show you how to make the most of the planner, PLUS you can use they system to help grow your downlines as well!!

    This is more than a simple calendar, day planner or print all, one & done, once a year type planner. It’s a toolkit with a bundle of worksheets, checklists and templates for organising your direct sales business, and like I said: while I’m no longer in the biz, I’m still using the resources as an entrepreneur, coach and business owner!!! Anyway, take a look for yourself!!

    Please note: I love these systems and am also an affiliate partner for them, meaning I do make a small commission for referring these products. What I CAN say, is that – hand on heart – I never recommend or refer any product unless I personally use and LOVE it. So yes, this has the Monique Bradley guarantee.

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