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    Language: the key to achieving your goals

    Language: the key to achieving your goals

    The biggest thing I’ve learnt on this journey is not so much about what to eat: it’s about my attitude or my mindset around WHY I eat. I lived for years with a typical diet deprivation mindset: ‘I can’t have this, it will make me fatter.’ Then I would go ahead and eat it, feel like crap and fall into a pit of self loathing.

    Did you know that the brain does not actually register the words ‘no, not or never’??

    As an example, what happens when you tell a small child ‘don’t run over there!’….? They run over there right??

    One of the best things I ever did was to look at my language and my own attitude towards food and change my questions around, inevitably changing my mindset and my relationship with food.

    These questions in this graphic are a great example of that change and are pretty much what I’ve done to reprogram myself and my mindset.

    It’s takes a little time but the commitment to your wellness is worth it.

    So: does this sound familiar? Have you been stuck with similar thinking?? What changes are you going to commit to, for the health of your mind and your body?

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