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    Review: Aquaviva IV Lounge – Parnell

    Review: Aquaviva IV Lounge in Parnell

    Let’s face it: If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, busy parent or work in a high pressure environment, you’re probably like me: living in a hyper driven world of high expectations and sleep deprivation which we all know can lead to a whole lot of stress, potentially leaving us is a state of ‘dis-ease’. Burning the candle at both ends is not a great place to be and can lead to complications with our health, impaired judgements, bad eating habits, nutrient deficiencies and of course, burn out. Been there, done it and just quietly, I knew I was on the brink of it again.

    I, by nature, am a super over achiever.

    I’m never focussed on one project because I always have a 20 on the go. My brain doesn’t stop and as I’m ageing, I’m starting to see AND FEEL the effects of doing too much for too long, so when gorgeous Editor of Eye Magazine and all round goddess Vanessa Bennett looked at me and said ‘you need an IV infusion’ part of me freaked (due to my needle phobia) while the other part of me almost cried with gratitude. With a family history of Vitamin B deficiencies, anaemia, diabetes, weight issues and other concerns, I’ve tried my best to live well and eat well, however most mornings it takes a good cup of coffee to get me going.

    Intuitively, my body was crying out for attention and this was an opportunity I couldn’t turn down.

    I’d read about these treatments online.

    I subscribe to a lot of international magazines and IV treatments have long been the secrets of celebrities, so in my aim to live the boujie celebrity lifestyle I knew it had to be done. For someone who is challenged with needle phobia and a touch of anxiety, how was I going to cope? That’s where this place is different.

    Aquaviva Medical Center and IV Lounge provides a ‘holistic’ patient-centred approach to medicine, focusing on prevention and root cause. Lead by DR Ulrich Doering, this family owned and run business oozes calm and tranquility, much like the good doctor himself.

    My first port of call was the consultation room where I shared my own wellness journey and my hyper driven lifestyle challenges, and while a weight loss treatment was on my list of interests, it became clear that an infusion of B vitamins, liver support and energy boosting supplements were exactly what the doctor ordered. Literally.

    Exclusive IV infusions

    Their infusions are exclusive to their IV lounge, personally sourced from world class labs in Europe with more than 40 years of research and development undertaken. Treatments have been designed to support your immune system, anti-ageing and cell regeneration, energy, mood, stress, your metabolism and so much more and there is literally something for anyone who is feeling ‘sub par’: Not necessarily sick, but less than optimal.

    FYI: they also have infusions designed to support those going through treatment protocols or patients with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, dementia and cancer therapies, ‘providing thorough evaluation and treatment of acute and chronic medical problems using anthroposophical and conventional approaches as appropriate and in accord with the patient’s wishes.’ Brilliant.

    After consultation, I moved into the IV lounge – a super classy environ with comfy leather seats and stylish decor – and that’s when Christian, a qualified paramedic, talked me through the process. His manner, much like Dr Ulrich’s, was calm and informative with his paramedic training shining through. Even for a nervous Nelly like me, he managed to talk me through calming breathing exercises and before I knew it, we were all done. A tiny scratch and we were ready to go with the infusion!

    Over the course of the treatment, I sipped on a gorgeous green tea blend and was checked on several times as I chatted to others or zoned out watching instagram reels. 45 minutes flew by and the removal of the IV drip, well……. I didn’t feel a thing! No pain, no anxiety: just time out and a top up. Love it.

    Immediate results

    The first thing I noticed about 30 minutes into my treatment was a lift in my general brain fog. With all the stress I’ve experienced recently I also felt a lift in my mood and could sense glimmers of my old ‘energiser bunny’ self returning. This is good news and I look forward to experiencing more of the benefits over the coming days as these super nutrients make their way around my body. For now, for formerly needle phobic me, this has been a great success. I thank both Dr Ulrich and Christian and their calming manner for that.

    To find out more about their full range of services, head to their website: https://www.aquaviva.nz/

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