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    FREE DOWNLOAD: Life Planner – Finding Your Purpose

    FREE DOWNLOAD: Life Planner

    Do you feel like you’ve been just living life on the hamster wheel?

    Does each day just roll into the next?

    Are you ready to move from being a player in your ‘simulation’ to a conscious controller?

    Perhaps it’s time to find your life’s purpose. For some people that can be a lifelong adventure and a great place to start that journey is with a simple planning session.

    The journey to find your purpose

    I used to think I had to find a certain purpose or passion in my life. Nowadays, I have learned that you can burn your purpose in life if you pursue it the wrong way, in a way that exhausts you rather than energises you. There are two great days in your life : the day you are born and the day you find your purpose……..however if you don’t know what your purpose is and if you don’t know who you are, it can be difficult to live a fulfilling life. But where do you start with something so BIG? [Sources: 6, 7, 11]

    It is not enough to know what problem you want to solve; you also need to think about how you want to solve this problem…..and why. That means taking steps to get where you want to go and removing the things in your life that you don’t want to be. Sounds simple but often the simple act of saying NO or standing in your authentic power can be challenging. What I can share however is that it gets easier with time…..as does finding and aligning with your own unique path and purpose. [Sources: 6, 7]

    How to find meaning in life

    If you want fulfilment, happiness, contentment, inner peace and ultimate satisfaction, it is crucial that you learn how to find your passion and purpose in life. Learning to find meaning in life is a lifelong journey, but once you discover its purpose, you will discover that your life opens in ways you have never thought possible. At this stage of your life the outside world does not shape your dreams and you have direct access to your passions and goals. [Sources: 5, 12]

    It may seem counter-intuitive but sometimes if you do not think about finding your purpose in life, you are already on the way there. For some of us, if we do not think about our passion and purpose in life, we are already on the right track, hence it’s important to know yourself and your own learning style and stay true and authentic to that. Others however need a more structured and guided approach to self discovery, and that’s ok too. I guess what I’m trying to say is that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Your path and your purpose are as unique as you and your journey. Embrace it and be gentle on yourself! JUST KEEP MOVING. [Sources: 6]

    Taking steps forward in your life’s path

    A simple approach to answering this Universe sized dilemma is to consciously try to improve your life and live with meaning: search for it through mindfulness and making the most of each moment, as in that brilliance sometimes the answers you’re looking for will simply appear. You will find your purpose and you will feel every delicious moment of it, almost as if every cell in your body is tingling! ( Well, that was my experience…..) Your goal is to be at the service of living your life with joy. It’s at the interface of what you love and what other people need. [Sources: 1, 5]

    Recognising, realising and honouring their true purpose in life are some of the most important actions successful people take. The goal is to foster a sense of purpose, one that changes other people’s lives as sometimes we never fully understand that simply by BEING, we positively impact others in the most profound ways. Cultivating a sense of connectedness and presence is part of that journey also. [Sources: 10, 12]

    Drowning out negative voices

    It is often said that we will never understand how to find our purpose by listening to other opinions or seeking outside approval. If people feel they have no sense of direction or purpose in their lives it is because they do not know what is important for them and because they do not know what their values are, hence a life planner is a great way to understanding yourself. Once you know who you are, what you’re here to do and who you’re here to be, you’re unstoppable. [Sources: 1, 4, 8]

    Once you identify the factors that prevent you from finding your purpose in life, you can silence them and pursue your true vocation. Once we have identified the things that prevent us from finding our purpose, it becomes apparent what we’re here to do with our lives. [Sources: 12]

    Achieving and finding your purpose

    To find your purpose, you may like to consider how to use your passions and skills to achieve and solve your unique problems and the problems of others. [Sources: 5, 7]

    Even if you have big dreams and goals driven by determination and passion, it can take months or years to accomplish them. If you focus on achieving short-term goals, you won’t find your true passion and discover how to find your purpose. Big picture is a great place to start….YES – you have permission to daydream….in fact, it’s compulsory! [Sources: 1, 8]

    To be honest, this article is not so much about finding meaning, but about finding what makes you happy in life and what makes you feel the best. When there is a purpose in life, one lives more focused and efficient, feels less restless and stressed, and does not feel that everything is irrelevant, impossible or monotonous. For some, the simple act of writing everything down helps them find purpose in every aspect of life, leading to their LIFE’S PURPOSE. [Sources: 0, 3]

    Helping others find their life’s purpose

    The discovery of one’s purpose in life amounts to finding one or two things that are greater than oneself, greater than what one values, that determine one’s priorities and guide one’s actions. Think of your purpose in life as a golden thread, some of which may come in the form of a particular career or profession, while others may look like a way of being or expression. [Sources: 4, 5]

    The awareness you gain through working through this free download will guide you in making decisions and choosing the direction of your life. Discovering your purpose will help you to identify and implement your own purpose in all areas of your life and the planner will help you create greater self awareness and a framework for your next steps . [Sources: 1, 2, 3]

    In the years ahead, you may look back and see this as one of those opportunities that will lead you to discover the true meaning of life and go on to inspire and empower people to live their supreme vision in the context of their lives too. It’s happened for me many times and I’d love for you to experience this level of joy too. It beats chocolate cake and champagne every time! Most importantly, knowing that you’re contributing to building a better quality of life on planet earth through activating others to make better, more empowered choices for their own lives…..well…..you just can’t beat that. [Sources: 12]

    As Ghandi said: Be the change you want to see in the world.

    If you’re unhappy, address why and make changes internally or externally to find your way back to happy.

    If you’re looking for meaning, BE meaning.

    And if you’re looking for a focus, download this planner and start your journey NOW.

    Be well!


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