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    Why It’s Hard to Get A Mortgage In NZ

    Why It’s Hard to Get A Mortgage In NZ

    Love the idea of securing your own place to call HOME? You’re not alone! It seems that most of us have the same dream: a family home that’s yours, giving you the perfect place to create memories for years to come.

    The real challenge right now, aside from the impact that Covid has made with job losses and our economy, seems to be the change in legislation designed to protect people looking for their dream home.

    But what does it all mean and WHY does it seem to be harder than ever to get lending when the interest rates have been at their lowest levels in decades?

    person with keys for real estate
    Photo by Alexandr Podvalny on Pexels.com

    If you’re struggling to get a mortgage right now or even understand the changing conditions, take a look at this video.

    Rachael Thompson – also known as ‘The Smarter Mortgage Lady’ demystifies what’s happing with lending right now and discusses the advice she wished she had received years ago!

    Connect with Rachael on her Facebook page: Smarter Mortgages with Rachael Thompson or her website: https://rachaelthompson.co.nz/

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