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    What To Do When You’re Stuck With Weightloss

    What To Do When You’re Stuck

    This year has been a time of major challenges, doors closing, endings and massive realisations for many of us right?

    I’ve had people contact me and share how they feel ‘stuck’ and all I can say is ‘I hear ya’. This is the time of the year to look at what we’ve learnt and what we want to create for 2019.


    So: what do you want? A happier, healthier, skinnier you? Don’t we all.
    Many people sign up to my newsletter hoping for a quick fix, thinking ‘If I just eat these recipes, I’ll lose weight and be FABULOUS!’

    In my 25 year weight loss journey, I’ve learned that what you eat is only a tiny piece of the puzzle. I wish I could share a tablet with you that we can all take and wake up our perfect weight and rideoff into the sunset on a Unicorn……. I swear if I could create such a pill, I’d be a gazillionaire!

    There is sadly, no quick fix, but isolating what your goal is and honestly addressing what may be holding you back is a great step in the right direction. Creating an action plan is great, but if you have ‘failure to launch’ you have to address that initial block and smash it first, so you can get to get to that planning stage.

    I personally believe there are 4 major reasons why many people struggle to lose weight and one of them may be the key to help you become ‘unstuck’.


    Yes, it could be as simple as changing your MENU. My recipes can help as they are diabetes friendly (meaning you’ll have more balanced blood sugars that can help with weight loss), they’re satisfying so you eat smaller portions, and you feel like you eat like a king!  FOMO (Fear of missing out) is a key factor leading to the sabotage of any ‘diet’. I beat this by learning to cook and ‘hacking’ my favourite recipes so now, if I feel like KFC, I make my own low carb version. Easy and way cheaper! Most importantly, EAT MORE VEGETABLES. Any diet plan will encourage you to amp up your leafy greens and once you’re nutritionally balanced, you’re also less likely to experience cravings as well!


    That’s my story. I was told by doctors when I was a child that I was fat, and that I came from an overweight family so there’s not much I can really do about it. That was my ‘diagnosis’.  Some people are told they’re ‘big boned’ or ‘naturally stocky’ and they have no choice in the matter.  Having a big frame is one thing, whereas carrying unhealthy, excess fat (which is what I did) is another. Just recently I caught up with a friend who said to me, ‘OMG you’re really little!’ It was in that moment that I realised that I am now the same weight that I was when I was just 12 years old, which I guess for a 45 year old woman, is pretty good. It’s nice to be considered in the ‘ok’ BMI index range for the first time in my life. Just because obesity may run in your family, doesn’t mean it has to be your story too. In my opinion, our genes are a bit like a giant personality test: they help define who we are, but we can still create our outcomes once we have the knowledge of what doesn’t work and where our greatest success lies. If this resonates with you, start looking at your eating habits and those of your family. If you were an outside observer, what do you notice about those habits? High in carbs? Comfort foods? Food comas? Family complaining of bloating? Awareness helps you better understand how to make changes.

    External factors

    Always rushing? Feel like you’re eating well and still gaining weight? Do you consider yourself a juggler, always putting others needs ahead of your own? When did you last stop and take time to breathe, or look after YOU? Stress and constantly giving to others is a big contributor to weight issues. I see this all the time and when I chat with people about this, there’s often a lot of tears. Learning to say NO is a winning strategy. How often have you sat by the beach with a coffee and just admired the view….no judgement….just absorbing the sun and breathing? Dr Libby wrote about ‘Rushing Women’s Syndrome’ and it’s real. Low level ‘go go GO’ anxiety is all too common and by simply making space to BE, you will see changes start to happen. Again, I speak from experience…..


    My Dad used to repeat over and over again ‘Thoughts are living things Monique….’ It’s true! The thoughts that we think about ourselves have a direct correlation to the body we create. It’s even scientifically proven! When you look around you, you can see people who look after themselves and treat their bodies with love and respect.

    Do you do the same? I can freely admit that I didn’t for a long time.

    Does that voice in your head support your endeavours, or do you battle – like I did for many years – with that niggling voice telling you that you’re not worth it? If so, here’s some advice from me:

    Using your minds eye, visualise that little voice. 

    Create it as a cartoon character.

    Grab it  – in a loving and gentle way, because kindness always makes magic happen – and place it in a suitcase.

    Now, look out in the distance.

    See a desert island with a single palm tree in the middle and take that suitcase and throw it as hard as you can, and see it land on the island. Then slowly……see that island disappear into the horizon. Voila….it’s gone.

    I’ve used this visualisation for many things over the years and it works well. Repetition is the key. You don’t have to analyse where that voice comes from, however making an empowered decision to let it go is an excellent place to start.

    If you’re not sure which one of those points resonates the most, click the LINK below and it will take you through to my quiz. In just a couple of minutes, you’ll have an idea on what’s holding you back, and a strategy to move forward.

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