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    What should you do when you ‘plateau’?

    What should you do when you ‘plateau’?

    Like most people, I am at that stage where I’m not really losing any more weight, even though I’d like to lose just a couple more kilos to reach my goal. If you’re in the same position or experienced this before, I’m going to share a couple of really important things to remember:

    1. Yes, you can always add more exercise. Weight loss theory really comes down to the balance of calories IN VS calories OUT.  Burn more energy than you eat and you’re onto a winner. Also, when you exercise, it increases your Amylase production by up to 500% and Amylase is the enzyme in your Saliva which is responsible for burning carbs!

    2. Drink more ‘assisted’ water. Water with lemon juice or even a little apple cider vinegar is actually fantastic for 2 reasons: firstly, it helps cleanse the liver which can be part of the challenge with weight loss / weight gain and secondly it also activates the salivary glands to produce more Amylase! Really good to drink 20 minutes before a meal.

    3. Find the things that ARE working. My focus right now is to celebrate the way I have more energy, better quality of health and am making better choices. While the scales may not be shifting, this journey for me is not just about the kilos. Fitting size 12 or even size 10 clothes has been a huge victory and having better quality sleep, less brain fog and generally feeling a greater sense of joy is a huge win. By focussing on the wins, it keeps me motivated to keep moving forward and focus on my goals….and like all hurdles, plateaus or road blocks, this too shall pass.

    Why don’t you join us in my Facebook group (click the link to join)! If you’re needing a little motivation, there’s 50 AMAZING humans in there, all on their own journey and ready to be your cheerleader if you’re not meeting your goals as well as being there to celebrate your success!  So come and join us!  You can search for ‘Easy Living With Monique Bradley‘ in Facebook search, or just click the links.

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