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    Review: Sigrid’s Specialty Kid’s Care Products

    Review: Sigrid’s Specialty Kid’s Care Products

    Living with skin sensitivities can be really hard and even harder when you’re a baby or a child! There’s nothing worse than that constant itching, rashes or even worse, eczema and dermatitis. Thankfully that’s why the amazing range ‘Sigrid’s’ was created.

    Little Sigrid (the name sake behind the brand) was sensitive to chemicals. She couldn’t use products other kids could, so her father – a talented bio chemist – would make her products inspired by nature and her great grandmother’s Sigrid’s recipes (a mother of 11).

    They were so full of goodness that as an adult, she decided to share with the world, and named them Sigrid’s, after all the woman in her family who came before her.

    In this episode of Guide To Better Shopping, presenter Monique Bradley shares her own story of living with skin sensitivities and how Sigrid’s products have helped her in her own journey.

    PLUS, check out the all natural hair detangler! If you’re struggling to brush through your own hair without breakages or there’s too many tears at hair brushing time, you need this product IMMEDIATELY.

    We love the products and independently give them a 5 STAR rating!

    Sigrid’s Specialty Cleaning & Kid’s Care products are 100% Biodegradable & are the first of their kind to be CERTIFIED Natural.

    Check them out online and use GUIDE10 as a coupon code in the checkout cart to grab yourself a 10% discount.

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