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    Looking After Yourself With Diabetes 2021

    Diabetes Action Month November 2021

    Diabetes Action Month happens in New Zealand each November and 2021 is no different as Diabetes New Zealand builds awareness around the complexities of both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes.

    Foot Health With Diabetes

    During the 2021 Diabetes Action Month, the focus was on foot health. Diabetes NZ released a helpful video around this subject and it includes a discussion with several podiatrists who give valuable advice and the video shows Monique Bradley undergoing a foot check to show how easy it is.

    What Is Diabetes

    It is important to understand what Diabetes is – the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes – and how it can affect people. If you are wondering if you are at risk or have been recently diagnosed, it is important to get information that can help.

    Visit the Diabetes NZ website to discover important information on Diabetes:


    Or visit your nearest support centre, GP or Podiatrist to discuss your personal situation.

    LIVE Stream Discussions

    During the month Diabetes NZ launched 2 live streams across Facebook and Youtube with special guests talking about foot health while dealing with Diabetes. It’s important to note that both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes can cause issues with your feet and it’s important to get checked regularly by your GP or a Podiatrist to ensure your feet are well looked after.

    Live Stream 1 – 3rd November 2021

    Guests: Michelle Garrett and Aaron Jackson, both Podiatrists in New Zealand.

    Live Stream 2 – 17th November 2021

    Guests: Dr Carl Peters, Vince and Abby Lee Harder and Rod Slater


    Visit Diabetes NZ Diabetes Action Month Website:


    Visit Diabetes NZ Website:




    Who Is Monique Bradley

    Monique’s Diabetes story begins with her Father, Morris Bradley, who suffered from several health complications due to Diabetes Type 2 including issues with his feet.

    Monique herself was pre-diabetic for a time and has a deep understanding of how this can progress if left unchecked. Monique is more than happy to be included in campaigns for Diabetes NZ.

    Along with being a regular contributor to Guide To Better Living, Monique is also the editor.

    You can see Monique Bradley’s other posts HERE:


    Social Broadcaster at Pet Ward TV & The Story People | Website | + posts

    Pete Ward is a social broadcaster, speaker, trainer and podcaster from Auckland New Zealand.

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