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    How To Spring Clean Your Life: The Ultimate Detox

    How To Spring Clean Your Life: The Ultimate Detox

    As the season changes, so does our skin, our health, our stress levels and I believe it’s a great time to consider a ‘Spring Clean’ of your life. I follow this process and it enables me to declutter, detox and get ready to smash my goals for the next quarter of a year.

    I personally like to set loose yearly goals, then quarterly goals and ensure that every month, every week and every day I’m taking a bitesized piece of action to achieve those goals. I set loose goals as I’m still open to where this journey is taking me, however as I’m a bit of a control freak, I love the idea of setting a direction too. I guess I’m a hybrid of driven maniac and elusive butterfly…..most importantly I do love to do a quarterly stock take and own up to what’s not working, lose the ego and make a plan to move forward.

    If this sounds like something you need right now, I challenge you to the following:

    • Clean out your wardrobe. If it’s been there since the same season last year and it either doesn’t fit, doesn’t suit you or you’re holding onto it until it comes back into style or you drop a few pounds, send it to the hospice store. They need it more than you do.
    • Clean out your office drawers. Seriously, do you need that crap? How many paper clips do you need? If you want all those rubber bands, help yourself out and make a rubber band ball. You’ll thank me later. Same goes for your bedside table, the kids playroom or bedrooms (get them to help and make it fun), the spare room (you know what I’m talking about) and the bathroom cabinets. Have you been hoarding all those hotel soaps for a special occasion? Today is the day. Use them. Enjoy them.
    • Clean out your makeup kit. Still got that blue eyeshadow from when you were rocking it in the 80’s? Chances are that stuff is loaded with bacteria and unless you’re going to an 80’s themed party it’s……well…..let’s just say it’s not ANYONE’S season. It’s also a great time to clean your makeup brushes which technically should be washed with a brush cleaner or baby shampoo once a week. It’s also a great time to opt for a fresh look for your makeup, so check out my weekly ‘Beauty Club’ live stream shows for fresh makeup ideas!
    • Clean out your skincare. Been using the ends of a hotch potch of products? Sometimes different product ranges can have ingredients that don’t play well together. Opt for something natural as it’s better for your health. Your skin is your biggest organ right? It’s highly porous so anything you put on it is absorbed in through the blood stream and into your body. Seriously, do you want chemicals absorbed into your blood stream and messing with all your internal goodness? It’s a NO from me. I use Caithy Organics as there’s no nasties, no parabens and it’s not tested on animals. WIN
    • Clean out your mind. Noticed you’ve been having a few negative thoughts creeping in? I listen to guided meditations every day. It’s easy and it’s the 15 minutes I give to ME every day. It really helps with focus, energy levels and my productivity!  Try meditations through youtube or itunes! Totally worth it.
    • Clean out your body. The best place to start is your liver, but go gentle!! Even starting with water with a squeeze of lemon juice to start your day will greatly assist your liver in naturally doing what it is designed to do!! This one simple tip can dramatically help you move closer to your weight loss goals so give it a whirl! I also recommend eating more vegetables and get moving so you SWEAT!! This will trigger you to drink more water which will naturally help you detox even more!! If you need more help, consider talking to someone like my Naturopath, Lynette Hill from My Remedy. Her team are extremely experienced in natural medicine and helping you find your way to your best health naturally.
    • Clean out your social circle. Tired of that attention seeking ‘moaning minnie’ who either exhausts, sucks you dry energetically and emotionally or plays the bird with the broken wing? You’re not paid to be their counsellor so look after yourself by being less available. It’s not a ‘mean thing to do’ – just start thinking about your own needs and your own energy FIRST. They will find other people they can get their fix of negative attention from. Surround yourself with people who want to fly as much as you do, and you’ll soar.

    Finally: if you really want to do a full stock take of your own life right now, answer these questions:

    1. Who or what is holding you back the most right now and why?
    2. What do you need to accomplish in your life to feel fulfilled and complete?
    3. Is your life moving in a positive or negative direction? Why?
    4. How do you define success?
    5. How much stress is in your life and what is causing it?
    6. What people in your life support you and what people drain your energy?
    7. What do you like the most and least about your day?
    8. What parts of your life are not of your choosing?
    9. What works well about your life now?
    10. What are your biggest fears about yourself?
    11. What are your biggest fears about success?
    12. What motivates you to succeed and evolve as a person?
    13. What are the three most important things you’ve learned about yourself?
    14. What lies are you currently telling yourself? …personal growth for fearless living
    15. If you could start over, who would you be?
    16. In what areas of your life are you irresponsible or childish?
    17. What habits do you have that you would like to drop?
    18. What is the one regret you don’t want to have in your lifetime?
    19. What kind of problems and crises do you keep attracting?
    20. What do you keep doing that limits your success?
    21. What games are you playing with yourself and others?
    22. What’s the secret you are most concerned about people discovering?
    23. What are you attached to that you need to let go?
    24. What do you feel most passionate about?
    25. What do you have now that you’d like a lot more of?
    26. Have you considered the possibility of having the life you really want?
    27. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the personal quality of your life?
    28. What vision do you have for your life?
    29. What limiting beliefs or stories do you hold on to that prevent you from moving forward?
    30. How often to do other people’s agendas run your life?

    For every answer, particularly if you’re not happy with that answer, write down what your preferred out come would be.

    From there, write down just one step you can take right now to get you closer to that preferred outcome, THEN DO IT!

    If you took just one step of action a week, at the end of a year you will have taken 52 steps of action to completely transform your life. Sound exciting? IT IS!! I’ve done it and you can do it too! Today is your day, so what’s your next step?

    Stay fabulous,

    Monique X

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