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    How A Near Death Experience Changed My Life

    How A Near Death Experience Changed My Life

    By Daniel Hicks

    “I guess there’s nothing like a health scare to prompt you into taking a closer look at your health and lifestyle.

    This was the case for me back in February 2019.

    I was out of town at an event in Masterton when all of a sudden I started getting chest pain. Luckily for me Wellington Free Ambulance were also at this event and I went to see them to tell them how I was feeling.

    After an initial assessment they suggested I head to hospital for further checks because my blood pressure was very high.

    In hospital I had a few more checks done and was discharged shortly after.

    A minor heart attack was ruled out but it was still a pretty scary experience. Back home, with a feeling of not wanting to experience that ever again, I decided I must start taking better care of myself.

    Thinking back, a few people close to me did tell me I was carrying a bit of extra weight. I didn’t disagree with them because it was true.
    I just didn’t think I could do anything about it, I thought I was eating healthy. The other thing was, I didn’t have much energy to exercise and I traded exercise over rest. 😴

    I remembered seeing a friend who was having a lot of success with improving his health so I looked further into what he was doing. What became evident was that a lot of people were having success.

    So my mate put me in touch with Kim-Xia Au and Kelly Wing who helped me get started with a nutrition system that aligned with what I wanted to achieve.

    After nearly five weeks on the program Xia invited me to share my progress.

    I managed to release 5.5kg in weight and 17cm in overall size since I started which was pretty cool. Now my shorts are sitting differently on my hips because there’s less belly pushing them down!

    Aside from the physical transformation I am also sleeping better and wake up with way more energy. I get out and about and do far more than I ever used to, so I guess my metabolism is working better now.

    After experiencing results like this in such a short amount of time it’s definitely something I am going to continue with.

    And if you need help, reach out. It’s amazing how one conversation literally changed my life.

    daniel hicks wellness coach
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    Daniel is a wellness coach who has successfully been through his own weight loss and wellness journey. Click Daniel's Website link or social media link to find out how he can help you.

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