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    Demystifying Wellness With Nutritionist Sean Robertson, 4 Wheels Of Health

    Demystifying Wellness With Nutritionist Sean Robertson, 4 Wheels Of Health

    Have you been struggling with your energy levels, your weight, your sleep or your general wellbeing? To help demystify what may be happening for you, co-creator of the 4 wheels of health, health Program Sean Robertson recently joined us in the studio.

    Sean, a Metabolic Nutritionist, Epigenetic coach, Personal Trainer, and all round Health Guru shared his insights and wisdom around common health symptoms that many people ‘brush off’ as being normal: fatigue, brain fog, bloating and stomach issues. Are they normal? Turns out the answer is NO.

    Watch the video below.

    Inspired by his experiences in the health field to bring about positive change for those who seek it, Sean is a motivated young man on a mission to improve the well being of all New Zealanders and works as the ‘sciencey’ health educator and support throughout the 4 Wheels of Health program.

    What is 4 Wheels of Health?

    The 4 Wheels of Health health program is a science-based 4-week health education course, with emphasis on community and heart. Co-created by Chef Simon Gault and Sean, they combined their drive and passion to create the program in view to creating a healthier New Zealand.

    Sean says: “Coming from a love of science throughout school and natural enthusiasm for seeking answers, I was lead into Biochemistry in University. Realising I didn’t want to be stuck in a lab everyday and I wanted to do something practical, I got into the science of Nutrition and Exercise instead. By the end of my degree, it was clear that what we were being taught was ruining our health. The science didn’t match the education. Now I’m taking the real science of health directly to the people, not the rusty nutrition I was taught, but the newest research in the health field.”

    The best part about it is, it works.

    Participants receive the 4 Wheels of Health framework which acts as a reference and go-to guide about sensible and thoroughly enjoyable Nutrition, Gut Health, Sleep, and Timed Eating. These are a simple to follow set of guidelines which includes an assortment of delicious recipes to get you started.

    The guide is supplemented by live videos, tips and tricks, education, and support within their Facebook group. This is where they share experiences, struggles, successes, offer motivational support, and get participants enthusiastically involved with this innovative new sensible health-oriented movement!

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