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    Could Your Health Be Preventing You From Losing Weight?

    Could Your Health Be Preventing You From Losing Weight?

    I love this picture for so many reasons. Aside from the fact that I can finally see the change in my body from choosing to eat low carb, I can also see the change in my health. In the photo on the right, I actually have less makeup on than in the photo on the left. 

    Not only was I really overweight, I also struggled with a number of health complaints, some of which are not necessarily discussed when it comes to obesity.

    Our bodies are pretty complex machines: just like a car. If you don’t put water in the radiator, they overheat. If you don’t put oil in the engine, you end up with engine trouble. And have you ever accidentally put diesel in a petrol car? It’s an exercise in disaster.

    When I started this health journey around July / August of last year, I not only struggled with unexplained weight gain: I also had severe gut problems, bloating, ongoing skin issues, mood swings, anxiety, low energy, poor sleep, dark circles under my eyes and I just felt ‘puffy’. You’ll notice in the picture on the left that I had really severe pigmentation (visible even though I had really thick makeup on!) which I’ve since learnt is attributed to hormonal imbalance. There was basically a chemical sh!tstorm of inflammation happening inside my body, creating stress and all kinds of yucky symptoms –  and I was doing it to myself.

    The change in my health came by connecting with registered Naturopath Lynette Hill who activated me to learn more about looking after my health,naturally.  My Dad was a homeopath and naturopath, so it was something I believed could be a great option for me – And it has been.

    My journey started by firstly helping my poor burnt out adrenal glands with some ‘condensed nutrients’ so I didn’t feel like I was in ‘Fight or Flight’ mode all the time. Adrenal fatigue is often linked to stored belly fat, poor sleep, anxiety, overwhelm, digestive issues…..and pretty much my whole list of complaints!
    This also meant I didn’t need to stock up on sugar, caffeine or carbs to keep me going all the time and I started to make better food choices that now are the right fuel for me. I noticed changes almost instantly.

    I’ve also since taken a genetic test focussing on carb intolerance – courtesy of Lynette – that looks at your DNA and gives you a breakdown on how much carbs you can eat, when to eat them and what to keep away from and I’m so excited to say IT WORKS! No more cravings, no more bloating, no more IBS and I feel like I’m eating the best food EVER!

    Not only am I in the best health of my life, but getting to the bottom of what was really going on with my health FIRST was super important, then simply changing my ‘fuel’ and eating to suit my ‘engine’ has been the key to me losing weight EASILY  – and I no longer feel like I’m on a diet.

    SO: Are you oiled and watered? OR, have you been putting diesel in your petrol tanks? If you’re feeling sluggish or you’re not running on all cylinders and feeling great, it’s time to stand in front of a mirror and look yourself in the eyes and ask WHAT’S GOING ON? 

    And if you need some guidance to get started, reply to this email and let’s talk. You can also check out what did and didn’t work for me in this BLOG. There’s so many benefits to making these simple changes to your diet, and your life. Speaking from experience, weight loss is only a very welcome by product of a fabulous, fully functioning, high performance engine.

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