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    Which Foundation Is Best For Your Skin Type?

    Which Foundation Is Best For Your Skin Type?

    Choosing the right foundation can be daunting, not just because of the selection of colours but because the huge array of types of product, each designed for a slightly different purpose!

    As a rule, here’s a quick guide to which products may work best for you.

    Oily Skin

    If your skin oily, look for foundation with ingredients like dimethicone or even oil-absorbing clay to keep any unwanted oils at bay. You’ll also want to look for a formula that claims to be long-lasting OR opt for a powder based product. I would highly recommend you finish with a translucent powder for a matt finish

    Dry Skin

    Dry skin can often appear flaky and textured, so you’ll want something that doesn’t settle into lines and gives you a healthy glow such as a BB cream. You might enjoy a product that has a touch of shimmer also and if possible keep away from anything with a fragrance.

    Combination Skin

    If you have combination skin, you’ll want to look for something that keeps everything balanced and minimises oil but at the same time doesn’t draw attention to dry spots, so consider using a primer! Look for something that’s long-wearing and doesn’t have any kind of shimmer.

    Sensitive Skin

    If you have sensitive skin, you need to avoid products that include fragrances and alcohol. Avoid waterproof foundations, as they can be hard to remove completely and can clog pores. Unless you have pigmentation, go light.

    Types Of Product

    BB or CC cream or tinted moisturiser

    • BB creams provide coverage with added skin care benefits like SPF and antioxidants
    • They’re lighter than foundation but heavier than tinted moisturizers
    • CC cream is a colour corrector and is lighter on the skin than a BB cream
    • Tinted moisturiser is a sheer cover foundation
    • All suitable for skin that doesn’t need thick coverage
    • BB cream and tinted moisturiser are great for hydration

    Liquid Foundation

    • Liquid foundation works for most skin types
    • To even out your skin tone, select a light coverage foundation
    • To conceal imperfections opt for full-coverage
    • For a radiant and glowing look, select a dewy finish.
    • For flat, shine-free skin — go matte.
    • Exceptions: Women with oily skin should avoid dewy finish foundation, and should set any liquid foundation with a translucent powder to reduce shine.

    Cream Foundation

    • Works well for those who want medium-to-full coverage, and have dry skin
    • Soft cream foundation and has a luxurious texture—much like a thick, rich night cream
    • A little goes a long way!
    • Fast and easy to use, applied with a sponge
    • For targeted coverage, use with a brush

    Pancake Foundation

    • works well for those who want thick coverage to hide imperfections
    • applied using water and a sponge
    • very thick so good for use on camera or theatre
    • it’s basically foundation and powder in one
    • has a very matt finish

    Mineral Powder

    • a very small amount goes a long way
    • wait for your moisturiser to be absorbed into the skin before applying
    • made from minerals with no artificial colour, oils, perfumes – the number one cause of irritation or allergies – and no preservatives to clog pores and irritate the skin
    • Exception: Women with very dry skin or rosacea should avoid powder foundation as it will settle into areas of dryness or scaling, which not only detracts from the overall makeup look but can be ageing

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