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    Top tips on how to fight the signs of ageing

    Top tips on how to fight the signs of ageing

    It’s sad but true that with increasing age, time is not kind. Depending on where you’re at in life, you may be starting to see a few extra lines here and there, a rogue grey hair or 2, or perhaps you’ve noticed a bit of ‘sagging, bagging and dragging’, as Country music Queen Dolly Parton so aptly put it.

    But how do some people seem to defy time and gravity? Is it all injectibles and a few cleverly hidden scars hidden in hairlines? While not everyone may have the budget for these products and procedures, it seems that some people – and not just celebrities – know the secret to anti-ageing…….

    Fact: your skin changes as you age. It’s natural

    Woman looking for signs of ageing
    Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

    The reality is that skin does not produce new cells as quickly as it used to. The skin becomes thinner and more fragile, and the glands lose their ability to moisturise the skin, which is why it is common for older adults to have dry skin. Dry skin occurs when older skin dries out and produces less oil with age.

    The solution: Use a great daytime moisturiser, use an eye cream, use a serum, use sunscreen and remember to use a night cream! I know it sounds pretty intense, but if you’re committed to ageing gracefully, and on your own terms, find products that suit both your skin AND your budget.

    Night creams or oils are fabulous as they give your skin time to relax regenerate and renew and if nourished right can give your body the ability to produce more collagen which reduces the appearance of wrinkles and gives you a youthful glow. If you want to prevent wrinkles and look younger it’s important to remember that dry skin dries out skin cells that are plump making them look less youthful. [Sources: 1, 4] 

    caithy organics marula serum

    The solution: a great collagen supplement and a natural serum such as Caithy Organics Skin Firming Oil or Marula Serum. Both great products and super affordable.

    Caithy’s Marula Serum is specially formulated to lift, smooth & firm your skin while imparting radiance & long lasting hydration, corrects the signs of aging – puffiness, dark circles & wrinkles.

    skin firming oil concentrate

    Their Skin Firming Oil is a much loved product among our team as well with great results both in slowing down visible signs of ageing and hydration, as well as being great for stretch marks as well.

    Be sure to use the coupon code GUIDE5 in the shop to get 5% discount

    Fact: Dead skin cells make you look older

    woman wish signs of ageing
    Photo by David Garrison on Pexels.com

    We all know that exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells and lets younger, healthier looking skin cells shine through. On the other hand, never exfoliating means that you can’t remove the accumulated bacteria and dead skin cells on your face that make your skin look rough and dull. [Sources: 2, 4] 

    Stacking a layer of powder on top will then accentuate fine lines and wrinkles and leave your skin looking even dryer. And if you’re a fan of self-tanning products, dry dead skin cells will both make your tan patchy, can make skin appear darker for a few hours and can also darken and accentuate sunspots. [Sources: 10] 

    The solution: 2 of our favourite products of course!

    Caithy organics exfoliator

    Our favourite exfoliator – also from the Caithy Organics range is their Skin Brightening Exfoliator which contains a combination of fruit acids and walnut shell powder which naturally and effectively cleans and exfoliates the skin. This hydrating exfoliator also helps to boost your skin’s moisture level and improve overall complexion, leaving your skin looking visibly brighter.

    Be sure to use the coupon code GUIDE5 in the shop to get 5% discount

    And if you’re a beauty device fan, check out the amazing Ageloc(c) Lumispa. It’s won multiple beauty awards around the world and has proven it’s worth by being both one of the first products of it’s kind to market as well as one the biggest players in the home beauty device industry.

    Ageloc lumispa

    On their website (Nuskin) it states that this device can help with removing dead skin cells, promoting dynamic, visible skin renewal and improving skin brightness and smoothness.

    Used morning and night, this handy device has a swirling / sweeping action which lifts away loose cells while reducing appearance of pores. Plus you can save time and use it in the shower, just like you would an exfoliator! Deep cleaning mixed with skin stimulation promoting cell renewal. You’ve got to love it!

    Members of our team love it and please note: you need to buy this directly from a distributor, so if you need a link, holler!

    Fact: you need more hydration inside and outside!

    The human body is roughly 70% water, so we're basically just cucumbers with anxiety

    While you may be using great products, it’s important to remember that hydration and beauty starts from within. Think of what happens to grapes in the sun…..sure: they turn into raisins, their sugars intensify and some turn into wine. The reality is that while many of us would love to be that sweet, turning your skin into a raisin is not really that desirable….Don’t be a raisin. Be a cucumber!

    Water helps your skin to stay hydrated from the inside out, but you can also help your skin by making sure you use the right type of moisturizer. The correct hydration ensures that tissues and skin cells are replenished, which enables younger, healthier skin.

    Exercise also increases blood flow, allowing oxygen and nutrients to be transported to all functioning cells in the body and skin, including those that promote a youthful appearance. One of the other perks is that as you exercise, you get thirstier and end up drinking more water…..see how this works? [Sources: 0, 9] 

    Fact: you are what you eat

    assorted sliced fruits in white ceramic bowl
    Photo by Trang Doan on Pexels.com

    In order to look young and stay beautiful, a hydrated, healthy skin needs minerals, fatty acids and vitamins daily. Drinking enough water every day replenishes the skin tissue and cells and ensures younger, healthier skin. Drinking water helps maintain the skin brightness, volume and repair over time, making it one of the best ways to have young looking skin, however getting the right nutrition is also key to winning the fight of antiageing. [Sources: 8, 9, 11] 

    According to a study by New York City’s Hoffman Center, the best foods to keep skin young come from the formation of an advanced glycation terminal that causes skin wrinkles. These foods are rich in fatty acids such as trout, salmon, tuna, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach and beans. Regardless of the situation, there are steps you can take to look younger by deterring your skin and body from avoidable toxins in your diet and environment. [Sources: 1, 8] 

    Fact: ageing happens daily, so treat it daily

    A few years back, one of our team sourced an online viral product to try – a handheld radio frequency device – hoping to reduce crows feet, fine lines and help with her turkey neck post weight loss.

    3 in 1 ultrasonic fat cavitation device

    She loved it so much she created video content that ended up going viral! The machine is commonly known as the Ultrasonic 3-in-1 Beauty Device and has been hugely popular online. While there’s some naysayers, our editor Monique Bradley – who has also been a TV shopping presenter – absolutely loved her results.

    The response to the video was great, but it also taught all of us here that ageing continues daily, so the importance of regular beauty treatments or daily treatments in her case became apparent.

    Watch the video above of the LIVE stream as Monique shares her top 3 beauty devices (including the Ageloc Lumispa) and a few tips and tricks on what worked for her!

    Fact: Makeup is amazing, but it’s not a cure for ageing

    an elderly woman having her makeup done
    Photo by Yan Krukov on Pexels.com

    If you want to look younger and to keep your skin smooth and radiant, you should not focus on make-up to cover up imperfections but on nourishing foods, anti-aging supplements, certain nourishing face creams and minor lifestyle changes, as they all play a key role in a healthy, youthful appearance. It really is a complete approach both inside and out. [Sources: 11] 

    If you add the right skin treatments and products to your skincare routine, you can most definitely look younger. If you want to look a year younger, consider taking your skincare treatments to the next level. Skin treatments such as microdermabrasion, light peels, micro laser peels and clear glare laser treatments can help patients look 10 years younger with only a few treatments. [Sources: 6, 8] 

    Home microdermabrasion kit

    And if you want to try an at home treatment (due to budgets or lockdowns) a handheld kit like this can be super handy. The key to using an at home treatment device is NOT to overuse it, thus potentially over irritating or damaging your skin. Make sure you read the reviews on the product you’re considering buying and once you receive it, read the instructions fully. These devices can be great for getting rid of patches of dry skin and blackheads, but if not used correctly, you risk a little bruising or scraping of your skin. Go gently!

    Fact: Retinol, vitamin c and hyaluronic acid are brilliant for your skin

    woman in white robe holding white cotton buds
    Photo by KoolShooters on Pexels.com

    Retinoids and vitamins are essential to skin health and are loaded into most creams and facial care products to protect your skin against the signs of ageing. Hyaluronic acid increases moisture, helping to plump fine lines, giving a visible appearance of younger looking skin, [Sources: 2, 6, 8] 

    Retinol is one of your best soldiers in the fight against free radicals as it promotes cell growth and protects your skin from aging. According to Top Derm: “The best way to ensure cell turnover, protect skin against free radicals and stimulate collagen growth is to use vitamin C in serum, moisturiser and make-up,” says Dr Colbert. Retinoid, a prescription version of vitamin A, helps your skin produce more collagen, which makes it a smart choice if you want a way to look younger. [Sources: 3, 4, 11] 

    However: you are at greater risk of sun damage when using some of these products which is why a sunscreen of 50+ should be a compulsory item in your bathroom, makeup kit and handbag. UVA rays are the ones that contribute to signs of ageing, as opposed to UVB rays which are the ones that burn. These rays decompose the elastic tissue that gives the skin its elasticity resulting in a dull, saggy appearance. UV rays can cause uneven skin tone, wrinkles and ageing spots. Selenium slows down ageing symptoms such as wrinkles, blemishes, spots, fine lines and dryness. So get some sunscreen immediately! [Sources: 0, 11] 

    The advantage of ageing is that through years of experience you know what looks best so you can spend your money on the best lipstick for your skin tone and what flatters you. The same goes with your skincare – and your wellness is part of that too. Our hope is that by embracing the fact that we’re all in this together, you will feel more confident in your outer beauty as you age. [Sources: 5, 7, 8] 

    So find what works for you. And if all else fails, wear sunscreen and drink more water!

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