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    Product Review: Rayna Skincare

    I get approached all the time by brands with great products wanting to know what I think. I’m the ultimate shopper. I’ve managed retails stores, I’ve been a buyer for stores and as a TV shopping host, I have had the huge responsibility of product testing and delivering demonstrations. I’m proud to say that – hand on heart – I personally test every product I talk about and I never share a product unless I know it delivers. With me? Let’s proceed.

    Over the years I’ve really struggled with my skin. I suffered with extreme cases of painful and uncomfortable eczema, terrible sensitivity – often ending up with rashes and pustules (I love that word) from fragrance or products not designed for sensitive skin – and the worst: Melasma / Pigmentation after spending time in the sun without sunblock. That was possibly one of the dumbest things I’ve done. I can’t even count how many thousands of dollars I’ve spent over the years trying to find products that will not only help me look better on the surface but will also help me produce better looking skin cells. At the end of the day, making something look sparkly on the outside is great, however assisting something in becoming sparkly is the best long term solution. Am I right?

    I digress. (I love glitter by the way.)

    Monique Bradley Rayna Skincare

    Rayna Skincare

    Skincare is a very personal thing. We each have our challenges, whether it’s fighting the signs of ageing, irritation, sensitivity or in my case pigmentation. We all also have different desires, whether it’s more hydration, fresher and brighter looking skin, wanting to turn back the clock or even add more collagen, which we tend to lose as we age or through weightloss. Short of having a ‘nip, tuck and suck’ or a few injectables, it can be really hard to achieve those desires with skincare alone…….. Up till now.

    Rayna Skincare harnesses the potency of naturally derived plant stem cells. There’s no weird placenta products here my friends, so this product is great for you vegans and vegetarians! This is the best of our natural plant world, with the key ingredient a traditional medicinal Ayurvedic Himalaya herb, ‘Swertia Chirata’, famous for its magical properties. As a former magician, I’m super excited about that! Stem cell technology is a super hot trend that’s literally transforming the world as it’s the most potent part of a plant cell being delivered directly to where your skin needs it most. This means you’ll not only look sparkly, you’ll become sparkly. Metaphorically anyway. Perhaps luminous, hydrated and fresher is a better description?

    This product is more like a Serum. Serums are amazing as they’re finer than standard face oil – something you’ll notice when you try it – and this allows the nutrition to penetrate the skin, reaching that deeper dermal layer where skin cells are actually formed. After a few weeks of use you’ll likely notice more elasticity, fine lines seem a little softer and in my case, a reduction in my pigmentation! A total win! And even more exciting, it’s fabulous on my sensitive skin!

    Other key ingredients include Argan oil, Acai, Tsubaki, Strawberry, Meadowfoam, Sea Buckthorn and Sunflower oil which infuse the skin with a powerful combination of vitamins, antioxidants and 3/6/7 Omega acids to protect fragile skin and help fight free radicals. Vitamins C, E, B1, B2 and B3 stimulate collagen production and protect against oxidation and UV pigmentation. This is literally the best of superfoods and nature for your skin!

    So: does it work? Absolutely. It’s a beautiful product. It feels luxurious when you use it. It’s a beautiful alternative to night cream as it’s light and literally melts into your skin. It’s helped with my pigmentation, my elevenses (the 2 creases between by eyebrows) which are starting to fade, and the time I spend massaging it into my face is that little bit of time I give back to ME. I’m worth it. And so are you. I’m amazed that such groundbreaking natural stem cell technology exists. I’m even more excited that it was created by a woman here in New Zealand. We rock I’ve decided. #whorunstheworld

    Find out more about this amazing technology over on their site: Rayna Skincare

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