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    No Makeup Makeup

    No Makeup Makeup

    Looking for a super easy makeup routine which looks like you’re practically NOT wearing makeup, but you’re polished? This is it!

    Here’s the routine and take a look at the video to get all my tips and tricks!

    It falls into 4 categories: Coverage, Conceal and Contour and Colour. Easy right?

    • Coverage tip 1: For a sheer cover, add a drop of Caithy Organics Rosehip Oil Brightening + to your cream or liquid foundation. It will lighten your cover, give you a ‘dewey’ or fresher look and provide hydration for your skin! particularly good for you if you’re working in an air conditioned office environment.
    • Coverage tip 2: Use Caithy Organics Marula Rich Moisturiser as a base under you coverage. It has a great matt finish so works really well to even out the skin and mattify it before adding coverage. Use a light tinted moisturiser, BB, CC or the Natural Glow DD cream to give a little cover without making you look like you’re wearing a heavy layer of makeup. The DD cream also contains SPF 50 so it’s great to protect your skin.
    • Conceal tip 1: grab a camouflage palette or your favourite concealer and simply use your ring finger to apply! Add a little product to your finger tip or dip your finger lightly into the palette, then lightly tap over top of your blemishes. If you see redness and you’re using the camouflage palette, you may want to add a little green cover over top of the redness before covering with concealer to neutralise the colour. Remember, tap tap tap.
    • Coverage tip 3: If you don’t like the ‘dewey’ look, or if you struggle with oily skin, finish with a light dusting of pigment powder AFTER you’ve concealed.
    • Contour tip 1: Look at your face shape and ask yourself ‘where does my face look out of proportion?’ You’re trying to create symmetry and you want the focus on your eyes and lips, so if your face is longer or your forehead is dominant, add a little of the Natural Glow Powder Puff or the Natural Glow Bronzing Compact around the hairline about an inch deep. Make sure you blend it!
    • Contour tip 2: Look at your cheeks. Do you have shape? Strong cheekbones? If not, create a little shadow to give your face shape using either the powder puff folded over or using the bronzing compact. Suck in your cheeks and create a light strip of bronzer under your cheek bones from just under your apples, up to the hairline. BLEND. If you’re using a brush, use your hand to flatten the brush for more definition.
    • Contour tip 3: Grab a Radiessence bronzer compact and again, sucking in your cheeks, add a small amount of colour to your apples. This technique will make you look fresher and younger, but make sure to BLEND.
    • Contour tip 4: You can contour your eyes with the same product!  Using the Natural Glow Compact and a flat eyeshadow brush, sweep a little bronzer into your crease and blend up! Even just a little will give your eyes more definition!
    • Contour tip 5: Your eyebrows help frame and shape your face! If your eyebrows are patchy, consider micro pigmentation (tattoo) or fill in the gaps with an eyebrow pencil or a brow powder or eyeshadow colour, similar to your brow hair colour. If you’re using a powder, use a chisel brush to fill in the gaps.
    • Colour tip 1: Using a light or slightly shimmery eyeshadow colour and an eye shadow brush, gently pat colour onto your eyelids in the area between your lash line and your crease. It should make a kind of half moon shape and will make your eyes look brighter. If you get any powder drop on your eyelashes, apply mascara to both sides of your top lashes. You can choose if you want to apply to your bottom lashes!
    • Colour tip 2: Using an eyeshadow colour close to your eyelash colour and using a chisel brush, blend a line of colour into your bottom lashes. It will give a little definition without looking like a load of makeup.
    • Colour tip 3: Use a matt lip paint like my AMAZING number 11 or you can cover your lips with a neutral lip pencil OR the Natural Glow Lip Gloss. I say go crazy and use my number 11 AND the Natural Glow Gloss!
    • FINAL TIP: BLEND. I know I’ve said it before, but it really helps. I always use a circular most with the biggest brush I can find. Does the job and feels nice too!!

    Let me know how you go!!

    And watch the demonstration here!

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