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    5 Minute Makeup

    5 Minute Makeup

    I LOVE MAKEUP! I’ve actually been wearing it nearly every day since I was 10 as it’s such a powerful way to play with how we present ourselves to the world and create who we want to be!!!!! ????

    My 5 minute makeup routine is perfect for the busy mama, frantic #bossbabe or someone who wants to spend less time looking ready to take on the world. With just a couple of easy to use, multipurpose products, you can do this on the bus, in the car, on the train, in a plane – WHEREVER!!! I speak from experience by the way….. so simple and you don’t need to be a makeup artist to get a lovely result. Listed below are the products I love, which are at a fab price point and deliver a great result.  ????

    Step 1: Base

    Cover face with foundation using a sponge or brush. I use a brush applying the product in a circular motion to ensure the product is applied evenly. I also find it a faster way to apply the product. I then use my ring finger with a little foundation on the tip to dot over blemishes.

    Radiessence Foundation: http://bit.ly/2xZ7Ukp

    Step 2: Contouring cheeks, under chin and forehead

    I start by creating a shadow under my jaw, down to my neckline using the Natural Glow Body Bronzing Puff. To save time, I also use the puff to create shadow under my cheekbones, up to my hairline, and on the corners of my forehead at the hairline to create a more balanced shape.

    Natural Glow Body Bronzing Shimmer Puff: http://bit.ly/2OXp1dD

    Step 3: Blush

    Grab a thicker brush and suck in your cheeks. For a fresh look, pop some Radiessence Bronzer onto the round centres of your cheeks, known as the ‘apples’ of your cheeks. Using your hand, flatten the brush and pop a little colour onto your eyes at the crease and slightly above.

    Radiessence Pressed Powder Bronzer: http://bit.ly/2wKVJYi

    Step 4: Eye Contrast and Definition

    On the upper eyelid closest to the lashline, use a light eyeshadow and cover the entire area up to the crease.

    Grab an eyeliner and lightly line your eye from the outside corner towards the centre, using gentle feathering actions. Blend the line with an angled or chisel brush.

    Use the chisel brush with a brow powder or darker eyeshadow to fill out your eyebrows OR use an eyebrow pencil.

    Pop on some mascara. I always use 2 coats on the top and one coat on the bottom

    Step 5: Add some lip colour!

    Natural Glow Luscious Lips Gloss: http://bit.ly/2xKvyS2

    Colour: Runway Red

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