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    5 Minute Daytime Makeup

    5 Minute Daytime Makeup

    Make-up for daytime

    • Tinted moisturisers and light powders are an ideal base make-up for daytime.
    • Soft, neutral colours should be used on the apples of the cheeks. A small amount of highlighter can be used above the cheekbones.
    • Eye make-up should consist of soft, natural colors that suit the skin tone, eye color and hair color of the client.
    • Line the top lashes softly with light brown or grey eyeliner, and apply a light coat of mascara. If the lashes are thick and dark, or if you have lash extensions, you could forgo mascara altogether.
    • Comb and groom eyebrows without overdrawing.
    • It is best to go light and natural for the lips. Tinted lip balms and clear lip gloss are easy, popular options.

    Amping it up

    This style of make-up is ideal for the latter part of the day or for job interviews. Do you go to the gym on your lunch break and redo your make-up afterward? Now is the time to bump the intensity up a notch.

    Eyes: Matte and metallic eye shadows are both acceptable—just make sure the shades are well blended and no hard lines are present. The top and bottom lashes can be lined with a medium-to-dark eye shadow, and dark-toned eyeliner can be applied lightly above the top lashes. Add a coat of black mascara, and make sure eyebrows are perfectly groomed.

    Cheeks: Apply blush a shade darker than you would for daytime make-up, and lightly contour under the cheekbones, blending well.

    Lips: Medium-toned lipstick or gloss is appropriate. A light lining of the lip with lip liner is acceptable but not necessary.

    Here are a few nude make-up tips:

    • Apply a lightweight foundation, such as a tinted moisturizer or light powder.
    • Light, neutral shadow shades should be used on the eyes. Beige, pink and peach are great options.
    • Eye liner isn’t necessary. If you wish to emphasize the eyes, lightly line them with a neutral eye shadow.
    • Mascara isn’t necessary. However, if you do choose to use it, apply only a light coat.
    • For the cheeks, either apply a light contour under the cheekbone or apply a sweep of neutral color to the apples of the cheeks.
    • Either colorless lip balm or nude lipstick is best for this look.
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