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    How To Deal With Pain, Naturally

    How To Deal With Pain, Naturally: Qoleum Product Review with Monique Bradley

    Struggling with pain or discomfort? Joint pain? Muscle fatigue? Cramps or chaffing?

    monique bradley tv presenter

    Hi there! Monique Bradley here: editor of Guide To Better Living, product demonstrator, presenter and self confessed shopping addict!

    Late last year I started struggling with a lot of lower back pain, hip pain and shooting pain down my legs. After speaking with healthcare professionals and a little ‘Dr Googling’ it became clear that I was struggling with Sciatica. If you’ve ever struggled with constant pain in your joints or muscles, you’ll know just how debilitating it can be and while I’m not averse to using gentle painkillers when required, I was finding that nothing was working. That’s when the team at ‘It’s Organic Darling’ reached out to me with a solution: A natural and organic range of products called Qoleum.

    The brand ‘Qoleum’ was created by a sports physio to elite athletes who saw a need for products that deliver targeted wellbeing solutions without nasty chemicals. When people are competing at an international level the anti-doping laws are so strict that some ingredients in other products can be flagged as ‘performance enhancing’ during testing, hence the need for a product range designed to support recovery or provide pain relief without the stress.

    What is Qoleum?

    ‘Qoleum’ is the brand name of a range of organic, natural New Zealand indigenous plant-based muscle relief creams, cooling gels and anti-friction creams. On first trial, it reminded me of the products my mum used to use on my legs when I struggled with growing pains as a child.

    Oleum means ‘oil’ in Latin and ‘Q’ stands for (in my opinion) QUICK as when I started to trial the products I could feel a difference pretty darn quickly! It seemed different from other antiflam products that I had tried previously which often irritated my skin. My experience was more like a sigh of relief for my muscles!

    Why is Qoleum different?

    Qoleum sports creams contain natural plant ingredients only found in New Zealand and while it was developed to support athletes, we are all prone to injuries, aches and pains.

    Qoleum muscle rubs and anti-chafing creams are a great choice for hard-core athletes, sporty kids, or those with injuries, or daily aches and pains and safe enough to use on the kids growing pains, arthritic joints, back pain triggered by picking up toddlers multiple times a day or if you’re dealing with acute pain like I had. Yes: you read that correctly. Qoleum and some stretching made a difference for me and enabled me to get to the Chiropractor, which would have been previously impossible because of my pain levels.

    Qoleum products

    Each product is made of organic and NZ natural ingredients. There’s 3 key products in the range:

    • Qoleum Q Friction: a skin barrier or protective salve to protect your skin against chaffing, irritation or for the wee ones, nappy rash
    • Qoleum Organic Muscle Gel: a cooling, soothing organic muscle rub gel that relieves muscular aches and pains associated with sports, arthritis or age
    • Qoleum Organic Muscle Rub: a versatile organic cream for muscle pain relief. You can use it on stiff muscles before you run, jump, press or play and then use it afterwards to aid recovery of hard-working muscles, or support muscle tension and pain relief.

    Watch the video below to see the products in action!

    Thanks to the team at It’s Organic Darling for sending the products through and if you want to try them for yourself, head over to our online store and use coupon code GUIDE10 to receive an exclusive 10% discount of your order.

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