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    How To Makeover Your Own Home With Skyte

    How To Makeover Your Own Home With Skyte Furnishings

    Have you been thinking of making over your own home and adding in a little more personality? We all know that home renovations can be really costly, however New Zealand based company Skyte are ready to make your makeovers easy and as unique as you are!

    Who is Skyte Furnishings?

    Skyte Furnishings makes attractive and beautiful bedroom and lounge furniture that is hard to find, and sure to delight! When you head to their website, you’ll discover a wide range of bespoke and customisable products guaranteed to brighten up your home, with an array of colours personally selected from some of the best fabric houses in New Zealand.

    The manufacturer at the heart of Skyte has been producing quality upholstered furniture for more than 30 years and is now bringing this new concept of ‘customisable furniture’, paired with time honoured craftsmanship to consumers, supported with a 15 year frame warranty!

    How do you order Skyte furniture?

    In this video, TV presenter Monique Bradley goes through the process of transforming her own home using one of Skyte’s signature pieces as the central part of her makeover. Monique lives in a central city loft apartment in Auckland and while it’s a great place, like most inner city apartments, it’s full of plain white walls and lacking in personality.

    The real challenge with this project is that Monique doesn’t have the budget for a full makeover and there’s still a lot of life left in her existing furniture. SO: what should she do?

    By adding a signature piece from Skyte to Monique’s existing lounge, it was an easy way to add a pop of colour. Monique chose the Paihia Botanist Chair, a classic and fun design, and with the click of a button, was able to customise the print.

    Watch the video to see the transformation!

    Having the feature piece from Skyte was the key to her transformation and helped Monique create a place she loves. By utilising key colours in the fabric, she was able to bring together a beautiful palette of colours to add more personality to the space, making it feel like HOME. They also do Bean Bags, Ottomans, Cushions, and storage boxes in complementary colours, so make sure you have a full look through their website!

    SKYTE: Kiwi made, bespoke furniture to suit your style and your budget. CHECK THEM OUT NOW!

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