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    Product Review: New Zealand’s Best Dumplings – Sunshine Food

    Product Review: New Zealand’s Best Dumplings – Sunshine Food

    Do you LOVE Asian style dumplings? Whether they’re steamed, boiled or pan fried, dumplings always deliver, with that beautiful combination of doughy dumpling casing and tasty filling, a favourite in many restaurants world wide! But what does it take to have that same delicious experience at home?

    Introducing Sunshine Foods Juicy Chinese Dumplings!

    Sunshine Foods is a 100% NZ owned and popular brand of authentic frozen dumplings sold in over 100 local supermarkets and restaurants, including Pak’n Save and New World stores. But the story behind this brand is TRULY AMAZING!

    How did Sunshine Food begin?

    Judy Liu, Founder of Sunshine Food Manufacturing Limited, came from China as an International student. Her background was as an English teacher and logistics operator. She graduated from Unitec with a New Zealand Diploma in Business and soon after her honeymoon, Judy and her new husband, Shawn, opened a small restaurant in New Lynn.

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    Judy’s mum, Rose, was the main Chef as she had the experience of running restaurants back in the family’s hometown, Qingdao, and very quickly, news of these tasty new dumplings drew people to the restaurant from all areas of Auckland.

    It became apparent that people not only wanted the restaurant experience, but they also wanted to be able to create that experience in their own homes, creating demand for take away packs of fresh and frozen dumplings.

    Jump forward a few years and Rose’s secret family recipe is now becoming a favourite in the frozen food section of many supermarkets up and down New Zealand with convenient 28 piece packs available across the country.

    Supporting locally sourced businesses

    Using premium locally sourced ingredients, no preservatives, artificial colours or flavours and Halal certified chicken, these dumplings are tasty, delicious and nutritious, guaranteed to fill hungriest tummies and for those busy parents or time poor business people, you can take your dumplings straight from the freezer and know that dinner is cooked in just 8-10 minutes! It doesn’t get much easier than that!

    How to cook Juicy Chinese Dumplings

    There are many different ways to cook your Juicy Chinese Dumplings, but pan fried has to be the most popular! And it’s certainly a lot easier than you’d think! In this video, TV presenter and dedicated foodie Monique Bradley shares how easy it is to cook dumplings and some serving suggestions. Take a look!


    Here’s how easy it is to cook your Juicy Chinese Dumplings:

    1. Grab a nonstick pan with a lid and add four teaspoons of cooking oil.
    2. Take your dumplings straight from the freezer and place them in the pan.
    3. Add enough cold water up to a third of the height of the dumplings.
    4. Set your pan onto a high heat and leave to cook for around seven to eight minutes.
    5. When you hear them start to sizzle and your water is almost gone, reduce the heat and turn your dumplings over.
    6. Once the water has completely evaporated in the bottom of the pan, and the dumplings are golden, they are done!

    We love these dumplings and know you will too, so look for them in your local supermarket and ask for them by name: Juicy Chinese Dumplings from Sunshine Food. You’ll love them too!

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