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    Weightloss Secrets

    What’s the secret of my weightloss success?
    According to www.healthline.com:

    “Eggs are among the healthiest foods you can eat. They are rich in high-quality protein, healthy fats and many essential vitamins and minerals.”

    There are many other benefits including being low in calories, being nutrient dense (and they’re really filling!), high in protein, loaded with amino acids which are great for your body and help your metabolism, PLUS -and this is the bit I like – they’re sooooo easy to cook and CHEAP!!

    One of the things that really activated my weightloss was a quick morning scramble!

    I make mine with 3 eggs, 250 mls of milk, blitz in the ninja bullet and cook with avocado oil, salt and pepper. They come out really creamy and delicious and feeds both Pete and I for breakfast!

    Give them a whirl!


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