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    My ‘go to’ snack foods to help curb cravings!

    My ‘go to’ snack foods to help curb cravings!

    I LOVE SNACK FOOD!  Do you? Chances are when you’re looking for something salty, crunchy, savoury or sweet if you’re like I was, you’d reach for chippies or chocolate and think ‘one wont hurt’…..for me, one was never enough. To help situations of sabotage, I have ‘go to’ snacks that are handy or I can make really fast!

    Staples in my kitchen are:

    • A handful of nuts

    • A couple of slices of deli meats with a piece of cheese or pesto

    • A piece of cheese

    • A few Pepperoni Crisps (they take a minute to make!)

    • A big spoonful of peanut butter and a cup of tea (sounds weird butit’s my ultimate comfort food combo!)

    • Cheese Crisps (They cook super fast, made from 2 ingredients and are also great for dinner parties or antipasto platters)

    • A piece of dark chocolate or low carb chocolate bar. Healtheries does a great mini sized bar which is a perfect portion size and is sweetened with stevia

    • I also always have my Easy Cheats Pesto ready in the fridge or ready to be made, perfect with a wedge of cheese

    • AND FINALLY, my Salty Nut Snacks are always on the menu. Crunchy savoury and so tasty I could cry. This has actually been one of my most searched recipes! The great thing is you can make a huge batch and always have them handy.

    When it comes to serving size, I go for quality and quantity, over calories.  Most snacks work out to be around 100 – 150 calories anyway, but a serving is a small handful of nuts, 4 pieces of the Pepperoni crisps, 4 cheese crisps etc.  Remember, these are not designed to be a meal.  This is a snack to keep you going, particularly if you’re feel a bit flat in energy.

    Protein is a great option to keep your furnace burning and a little goes a long way, so you only need a small portion to feel satisfied! That way, it’s more cost effective and you’ll never sabotage your low carb goals again!

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