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    How To Love Life And Flex And Thrive Through The Hard Times With Resilience.

    How To Love Life And Flex And Thrive Through The Hard Times with transformational Life Coach, Jo Roberston.

    During adverse times we can feel overwhelmed by change and, it’s no wonder if we feel uncertain, stressed and restless. By consciously promoting and fostering resilience for ourselves and others, we can more positively thrive, grow and prosper, even during difficult and challenging periods in our life.

    Did you know that by eating dinner together as a family you also give your child a healthy side serving of resilience, and that spending time with grandparents will also promote the resilience of your children?
    I’m a strong advocate for fostering resilience as it helps us through times of adversity and change. The good news is that we all have the capacity for resilience, and we can build and foster it in ourselves and others.

    Resilience is the ability to bounce back during times of adversity and being able to move forward and learn from experiences in a positive way.

    Like this little toy clown skittle with a round bottom, whenever it gets knocked over; it bounces back again. And just like that, we too can bounce back from a challenging time, and eventually self-right. We all hold the ability for self-righting, however, sometimes we can be hit so far over that it’s difficult to bounce back again right way, it may take some more time.

    When faced with this type of knock-back, we must be prepared to ask for help, be compassionate, and be patient with ourselves, as it takes time. Asking and seeking for help is a resilient action, as is showing yourself compassion, especially when times get tough. Scientists who study stress and resilience say it’s important to think of resilience as an emotional muscle that can be strengthened at any time, and it’s useful to build your resilience before a big or small crisis hit.

    Inevitably, we will all experience some type of change or challenge, but we can foster our own resilience and improve how we cope by implementing these fun and simple practices into our everyday life.
    Make connections.

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    Surround yourself with positive and encouraging people.

    Laughter and humour provide feelings of optimism and fun which is great for our emotional wellbeing. Spending time with the people and the things you love helps you to feel brighter and more connected. There is tremendous healing and personal growing power in talking to others and busying yourself with the things that excite you.

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    Spend time on a hobby, a passion, or even try something new

    Delve into your childhood memories for activities you used to enjoy. Think through activities that you’ve always wanted to try. but also come up with some possibilities that you would enjoy. Having an activity or hobby you enjoy doing will lift your mood and help you re-energise and re-charge.

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    Take time to stock take

    Set aside time and use that opportunity to focus on the positive things which bring joy. Focus your awareness on the things and people who you hold dear to your heart, what you treasure, and all of the things you can be proud of that you have achieved so far. Writing a joy list will help to remind you and it will inspire you, bringing you joy every day.

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    Calm your heart and mind

    Learn vital relaxation skills so you can listen and understand how to connect with your inner self. What is something that you do you to help you unwind and relax? Be open to trying new ways of relaxation. Find what works best for you and practice them in your everyday life.

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    Practice gratitude

    Find what brings you joy, bring it into your everyday, and focus on it during the tough times. Find a greater appreciation for life, and make a habit of practicing gratitude, looking for all the things in your life that you can grateful for, no matter how trivial, and consciously give thanks.

    Times of intense change are challenging, but also present us with an opportunity for renewal, and to foster our resilience and a way to use all our experiences in a positive way toward creating our future. 

    Lots of support is available right here and if you’d like one to one support, I’d love a whole hearted conversation with you.

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    Jo Robertson Life Coach

    Jo Robertson helps women who are ready to make change in their life or career to take the drivers seat, take control of their life and make the change they desire.

    "Are you ready to get started on creating the lifestyle you really want?
    Because I’m ready to help you envisage, create and step into it.
    I'm an optimist, catalyst, and an encourager with a warm heart and a strong belief in you and your infinite strengths and possibilities.
    And what does this mean to you?
    It means that if you are feeling stuck, uninspired, overwhelmed or unsure, together we will:
    - Examine and identify what is going on right now in your life,
    - Discover where you want to be and uncover any obstacles or challenges holding you back
    - Be supported and encouraged to choose a course of action, and start making the right steps to create the life you really want.

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