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    Food Review: Cereal Killa Cafe

    OMG. Cereal Killa Cafe in Dominion Road is AMAZING. For those of you who want to make your cheat day MEANINGFUL, this is the place you need to go.

    I’m the first to admit I have a sweet tooth so when I heard about this ‘haven’ known for it’s decadent ‘Killa Shakes’ I knew this destination HAD TO GO ON MY BUCKET LIST!!! And I was decidedly happy with my choice. FYI: This is the Chocolate Nutella Shake and it was both decadent and deliciously AWESOME. For those of you who follow me on social media and know my story, you’ll also know that I’ve lost a heap of weight (over 40 kilos) and changed my health by changing my menu and my lifestyle. SO, how could I possibly share this with the world when I live a healthy and for the most part calorie controlled lifestyle? Well, I heard through the grapevine that a number of professional athletes head to this place on their cheat day because it’s part of their programme! WHAT??

    You see, according to website breakingmuscle.com

    When dieting for fat loss, average intake of carbohydrates and calories tend to be low. Over time, your body realises it is taking in fewer calories than it is burning. In turn, it will try to balance calories-in versus calories-out by becoming more efficient and your metabolism drops. This is not good when fat loss is the goal. Cheat days will trick the body into thinking it is getting enough calories (if not too many) and the body will then ignite its fat burning metabolism.

    Jason Maxwell, Coach
    Nutrition, Personal Training

    The great thing to note about the menu is that it’s so much more than just those decadent Killa Shakes! They have another menu dedicated to classics like the All Day Breakfast, amazing salads and Deli style specialities. The hardest part is deciding which option you want to have! FYI: this is Bagel with Pastrami. It was a really generous serve at a fabulous price!

    Best time to visit is a weekday as it’s quieter, so schedule your coffee group or a meeting with your colleagues and get amongst it!

    Find them here: 306 H Dominion Road.

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